Friday, November 11, 2011

Danielle's Dino

Hey pallies, likes I continues to be so so moved by the many and varied creative ways pallies express their devotion to our most beloved Dino. Today's Dino-love is a drawin' of our great man done "with a sharpie pen." The young thin' that used her considerable artistic abilites to honor our Dino is Miss Danielle Downey, a Brit that hails from none other then London!

I was thrilled to found this unique piece of Dino-art posted at here unique blog, "My Cat Mabel," and am delighted to pass this on for all youse pallies' Dino-viewin' pleasure. With youthful Dino-devotees like Miss Downey, we can truly be assured that the Dino-legacy will simply continue to grow and glow forever and forever!

I lovedinomartin gives a big THANK YOU to artise Danielle for sharin' her Dino-creativity with all her readers and thus givin' me the opportunity to share it with the larger Dino-world! To view this in it's original format, likes just clicks on the tag of this Dino-message. Dino-devotedly, DMP

Dean Martin

I drew this picture of Dean Martin
2 weeks ago with a sharpie pen


Danny G. said...

Loves it Danielle!!!

Danny G.

Danny G. said...

Loves it Danielle!!! A true Dino-holic in the makin'!

Danny G.

Levi said...

Hey Danielle, this is the coolest of drawings i ever saw of Dino

Kylie said...

Wow !
Danielle this is wonderful :)
I`ve never seen a better sketch of Dean Martin.
You have a lot of talent :)
It`s very hard to draw Dean and you`ve done better than the professional artists with this great drawing :)
Hugs n Kisses
from Kylie xxxoooxxx