Sunday, June 20, 2010

to our beloved Dino on Daddy-o Day

Hey pallies, likes when I was growin' up as a Dean-ager I so so wanted to have our Dino as my daddy-0....likes whata coulda be better then livin' in family Martin and havin' our King of Cool as your old man.... What an amazin' priviledge it woulda be to grow up in the presence of our Dino and have him as your role model. I was so jealous of Dino Martin Jr. not only havin' our great man as his daddy-o, but also carryin' his legacy through his name.

You can absolutely see how devoted our Dino was to Dino Jr. and Dino Jr. was devoted to his daddy-o in this great vid from the Dino-show that often gets featured here at ilovedinomartin.

To our beloved Dino on Daddy-o Day.....thanks for bein' such a lovin' father and role model not just to your children, but to youth from one generation to the next who continue to gets to know, love, and honor your presence in their lives. Dino-longin', DMP


Always On Watch said...

No doubt about it: the two had a special father-and-son bond.

Sadly, our Dino never did recover from the untimely loss of his son.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, exactly...loves to watch the amazin' chemistry of lovin' devotion between our Dino and his boypallie Dino Jr. and indeed, our great man never ever came outta the funk of losin' his most beloved namesake....