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Dean Martin Said Shirley Booth: "Was A REAL LADY!"

Hey pallies, the Dino-love for our beloved Dino continues to flow from all sorts of interestin' directions. This Dino-post originates from the pen of Mr. Jim Manago, author of the biography of Miss Shirley Booth, "Love is the Reason for it All: The Shirley Booth Story."

In honorin' our beloved Dino on his 93rd birthday, Manago shares how Miss Shirley guested on the Dino-show in March of 1970 and the kind words of praise that our Dino had for the super professionalism of the actress best known for starrin' as the maid Hazel. ilovedinomartin sez our thanks to Mr. Manago and his blog The Shirley Booth Story for liftin' up the name of our Dino on is B-day and helpin' others to gets to know, love, and honor our King of Cool.

Truly, truly there is no end to the places that Dino-devotion keeps comin' from...and likes how totally rad is that! Dino-amazin', DMP

Monday, June 7, 2010
Dean Martin Said Shirley Booth: "Was A REAL LADY!"


Dean Martin was born today in 1917 (died December 25, 1995).

Forty years ago, on March 12, 1970, Shirley Booth made a television appearance on NBC's The Dean Martin Show. The guests on that show included Vikki Carr and Paul Lynde. Dean sang "Things" and "Always." Vikki sang "On a Clear Day" and "Esta Bien." Dean and Vicki offered a medley with “Exactly Like You,” “I Wanna Be Loved by You,” and “The Very Thought of You.” Most importantly, Shirley sang "He Don't Love Me Any More."

Dean Martin had this to say about Shirley Booth: "I believe I first met Shirley at a party in the mid-Fifties. Funny, I don’t remember for whom or what the party was for....We were introduced by Judy Garland, just mutual exchanges of admiration. Years later she guested on my show. A real cute routine in a bar. You know how much time she needed to rehearse? Zero! Which was great for me. I never cared for over rehearsal. So what can I say that really matters, other than in a town like this . . . she was a real lady! And anyone in this business long enough knows that says a lot."





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