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Doctor Who and Dean Martin pair up beautifully

Hey pallies, likes on this eve of our celebration of our beloved Dino's 93rd birthday, we celelbrate the many and varied ways that the name of our Dino continues to be lifted up on the web. Today's Dino-gram pairs our great man with none other then Doctor Who. From the pad Small Screen Scoop (clicks on tagg of this Dino-post to goes there) from the pen of a chick tagged Jessica come the pairin' of clips from the Dr. Who show with our Dino singin' his outstandin' romantic classic "Ain't That A Kick In The Head."

As Miss Jessica so keenly observes "Doctor Who and Dean Martin pair up beautifully." How spectacular to see our King of Cool bein' paired with the cult classic Doctor Who....sure to turn Who fans into totally Dino-passionate Dino-holics. Thanks to Miss Jessica for sharin' this and help many pallies to gets to know, love, gets hooked on our Dino. Dino-supportively, DMP

Doctor Who and Dean Martin pair up beautifully

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Posted by: Jessica

The Doctor (ten) and Rose Tyler had a fantastic relationship that had a fair amount of tragedy. A lot of Doctor Who fanvids reflect upon this sadness, but I’ve found one that celebrates the friendship they had in an upbeat way. So get ready to listen to some Dean Martin.

I think fanvid creations are a wonderful extension of being a fan of a TV show. Sometimes they get removed from YouTube because networks get angry that people are using footage from a show (even with no copyright violation intended or money being made) and I think that’s a royal shame because if anything, it encourages people to become more attached to the show, and more invested.

One of the quotes on this video says: “Good Lord, I can’t stop giggling and smiling like a over excited little kid. I swear Seduff if I could bottle and sell the ridiculously giddy feeling this video gave me, the pharmaceutical companies would be out business within a week.” I agree.

Spinnin’ & Grinnin’ : The Doctor & Rose Tyler


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