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Dean Martin Festival 2010 | Steubenville, Ohio

Hey pallies, I likes so so applaud our great pallie noebie (Brian Noe) on helpin' spread lots of Dino-patter 'round the web 'bout his Dino-pilgrimage to Dino-mecca for Dino-fest 2010. This post originates from Noe's web pad and shares tons of Dino-info on this year's Stu-ville Dino-celebration as well as lots of lots of web pads connected to the entertainment at this year's Dino-gala. If likes you clicks on the tagg of this Dino-post you will gets to Bri's place and be able to makes lots of Dino-connections from there.

On of the coolest thin's of Dino-note is that there is an effort afoot to save the Grand Theatre in downtown Stu-ville with the hopes of creatin' a Dean Martin Museum that woulda be housed in the Grand. Read more 'bout this effort below.

All us Dino-holics continue to await Bri's promised pod cast of highlights of the Dino-journey to Dino-ville. Thanks pallie Bri for showin' so much Dino-love and helpin' to fill others in on this cool celebration of our Dino in his town of birth. Dino-sharin', DMP

Dean Martin Festival 2010 | Steubenville, Ohio

June 23, 2010 by admin

If you’ve been following my Twitter stream lately, you probably already know that we spent much of last week in Steubenville, Ohio for the 2010 Dean Martin Festival. Steubenville was Dino’s birthplace, and it was a true pleasure to visit the town and see some of the places where he spent his childhood and youth.

I’m preparing a Podcast episode to recap the trip. In the meantime, you might find the following links of interest.

Dean Martin Festival 2010 YouTube Playlist - This playlist includes short clips that (my father-in-law) Ken Emling and I captured during the trip, as well as videos from other YouTubers at the Festival. I’ll continue to add videos to the playlist as I upload them or find them.

Steubenville Dean Martin Festival 2010 Flickr Set - This set includes pictures and videos taken by myself, Ken Emling, Caroline Emling (my mother-in-law) and my wife Claudia. Again, I’ll continue to add more over the coming week or so.

Here are the official websites of some of the great entertainers we met during the festival.

Deana Martin
Russ Loniello
Lauren Mascitti
Lou Martini, Jr.
Drew Anthony
Eric DeLauro
David Iannandrea
The Dean-O-Holics
Official Dean Martin Festival Site - This was where I first learned about the festival several years ago. Most of the photos on the site are from past years, but I suspect that they’ll have some posted from this year in the coming weeks.

Dean Martin Festival Facebook Group - Created by David Thomas Batchelor, this is a public group for fans of Dean Martin and the Festival. You’ll meet lots of nice people there.

The Spot Bar - This is where the evening entertainment took place during the festival. It’s the last bar still standing that was one of Dean Martin’s regular haunts. The story goes that he used to deal cards in the back room.

The Upper Ohio Valley Italian Heritage Festival - Organizer Frankie DiCarlantonio was one of the mainstays of the Dean Martin Festival this year as well. The Italian Heritage Festival is coming up in July, so if you didn’t make it to Steubenville last week, you might consider a trip out next month.

Steubenville Historic Landmarks Foundation Website - The Steubenville Historic Landmarks Foundation is working to save the Grand Theater in downtown Steubenville from imminent destruction. Dean Martin would have spent time there as a child watching Westerns, and as a young man dreaming of stardom. If the project comes to fruition there will be a Dean Martin Museum in the restored facility. Please consider a donation to the project via the PayPal button on the left side of their page, or by mailing a check to the following address.

Steubenville Historic Landmarks Foundation
Chase Bank
401 Market Street
Steubenville Ohio 43952

More information is on the site. You can also visit The Grand Theater Facebook Page for updates. The guy leading the effort is Scott Dressel, one of the proprietors at The Garrett House, an amazing bed and breakfast that was our home during the visit.

Here are a couple of other YouTube things. First, a clip from That’s Amore: The 10th Annual Dean Martin Festival. Also, a series of videos on Steubenville Memories.

I’ll be adding more information and links here in the coming days, so please bookmark this page and check back often.

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