Thursday, June 24, 2010

Martin & Lewis and My Brother

Hey pallies, likes diggs this. Today's Dino-gram comes to us from our Dino-devoted Dean-ager Catie sharin' 'bout how she is helpin' gets her 5 year old bro turned on to our Dino. From the Dino-focused blogg "For The Good Times" (clicks on tagg of this Dino-post to goes there), our Catie shares how her little brother wanted to watch our Dino in "Bandelero" and ended up watchin' a couple of our Dino and the kid flicks.

Pallies, likes you just gotta checks out this wee one's Dino-quiries...likes totally totally rad! Hats off to our Dino-girl Catie for sharin' this true Dino-tale with us and for helpin' her little bro gets like completely Dino-connected at such a tender age. Keeps lovin' our Dino Miss Catie and keeps helpin' your flesh and blood gets into the total Dino-groove! Dino-amazed, DMP

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Martin & Lewis and My Brother

I know Im supposed to be studying and taking a break from the computer and all but I had to post this:
My brother asked to watch "A Dean Martin show" with me, "the one where hes the bad cowboy that robs the bank.." by that he meant Bandelero but my sister was watching my TV so I offered a replacement movie from my computer,Pardners (which other than Livin It Up is probably my favorite Martin and Lewis movie) I made sure to mention it was a funny cowboy movie and that Jerry Lewis was in it and he agreed.
I love the questions you get from five year old (most anyway) like:

"Catie, Why..H-how did you get to like Dean Martin so much when you weren't even born yet?"...I could write a book on that question but I remembered it was a five year who asked so my reply: " well you remember Frank Sinatra, Dean Martins friend? Well hes a really good singer..and actor but hes really a singer- I listened to him alot then I found DM and he sung better, and was funny, and a really good actor, and..well he's really cool right?"
He nodded..a little later he said something like, "You listen to Frank SinatrO?", i was like "no because theres no such thing as frank sinatrO"..he gave me the weirdest look..."cause his names Frank SinatrA..."Oh :)"

Then he asked "How does he be so funny?" about Jerry Lewis "Well he just stays silly and trys to have fun and it turns out to be funny."

I can safely say he loved it and right as it was over we watched You're Never Too Young, again, until his bedtime. He really loves Jerry and likes Dean alot but hes only five and the attention span of a five year old really doesn't work with Dean's comedy but I'm confident when he gets a little older he'll like Dean alot more when he can understand his humor. He obviously already likes him as a cowboy and his music.

Its funny, when he first saw Dean as Dee Bishop in Bandelero as a bad guy he was really confused because he thought it was real! I had to explain to him, again, that it was a movie and how actors pretend and that Dean Martin wasn't really a bad guy he was nice and just pretending. :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks again DMP :)

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie Catie, certainly the Dino-pleasure is all mine...loves readin' of one member of a family helpin' to turn others in same fam on to our cool that your little bro has a big Dino-dotin' sister likes you to helps him find his Dino-way in the world....