Sunday, August 08, 2021

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Buttercup A Golden Hair"

 Well, say there, pals! 

What it is! 

What it was! 

What it might have been! Haha!! 

Man...I thinks this crazy world has finally gots to me! 

I've found myself babblin'...on & on...incoherently...all week! Hahaha!!! 

Maybe the heat has gotten my brain a wee bit toasted, pals! 

Actually...PICKLED would be more appropriate! Ha! 

OK...'nough foolishness. Let's get down to Dino-business! 

Let's talk a little bit 'bout what WAS & let's get to the Dino-tunes! 

Now, pallies...I simply HAD to use this week's COOL COOL Dino-jam for today's Serenade! 

It's for a sad event...unfortunately...that I thinks 'bout & share, here at our Dino-blog, every year. 

Wednesday, August 4th, marked the very unpleasant anniversary of the passin' of a very special lady...a very special girl-pallie of our Dino's. Marilyn Monroe. 

It's been 59 years since she took her final bow. 

Shame, pals. Was a fun & talented young soul. 

But...I believe in celebratin' what WAS...rather than cryin' over what WASN'T, mi amici. 

"Buttercup A Golden Hair" is set to her & our pals flick, that never came to be..."Something's Got to Give". 

It featured Dino alongside a very lovely & naked Marilyn! Haha!! 


Looks like it would have been a FUN FUN Dino-flick for sure! 

Such a shame it just wasn't meant to be, my friends. They both looked SO SO good in this vid & youse could see the chemistry & friendship they shared. Bittersweet to watch, pallies. 

BUT...let's be thankful for what's we got's, pals! 

A Great Great tune & vid that's PERFECTO for a Great Great Summer night! 

Let's keep those "up-beat" Dino-vibes flowing', pals o' mine. Give up your worries & blues to a higher power...throw on some Dino...& celebrate every day!

'Cause no matter what...Life...with good!




dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Danny-o, thanks ever so Dino-much for honorin' Miss Marilyn's departure from our planet and her remarkable relationship with our Dino. I'm thinkin' that youse musta seen this before....

BlueisCoool said...

A great summer tune and video and the perfect one to honor Marilyn Monroe. It really is hard to believe it has been 59 years since her passing, and like so many people it was much too soon. A wonderful lady and it was no surprise that Marilyn and Dean were such close friends. All in all a wonderful selection as always Danny G.!

Have a nice week.


Danny G. said...

Thanks fellas! Pleasure is all mine to honor Dino & his girl pallie, Marilyn!