Sunday, August 22, 2021

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "They Didn't Believe Me"

 Hey pals! It's Sunday! 

Now...that can mean only ONE thin'! 


Yup...time to do some Sunday Serenadin' with our BESTEST pallie, Dino! 

Ain't nothin' wrong with that, mi amici! 

After all...what's a BEA U TI FUL summery day without some FUN FUN summery Dino-jams?! 

Just average, I thinks. 

Gotta make it FUN, pals!'s gonna be September soon! 

Crazy how the days go by. 

Hey...guess what?! 

No problem! 

We're still partyin' with our pallie! 

Summer ain't over yet, my friends! 

We gots PLENTY of HOT HOT days ahead! 

Simply add a little Dino-croonin' to the mix...& thins' will keep on SIZZLIN'!  

Anyways, mi amici...gonna play a tune I've mentioned here before...has never been recorded on a record by our pal. At least not to my small amount of knowledge. Haha!! 

Not to fear though, my friends!!! There are a few times he sang it on the air...& we is LUCKY 'nough to have a couple right here!!!  

"They Didn't Believe Me" is a hidden treasure & def i nate ly PURE & TRUE Dino-magic! 

SO SO much fun watchin' Dean do his thin' to this cool cool number! 

No way I was just playin' one vid! 

Now THAT is what Summer is ALL 'bout! Over-indulgin' in Dino! Hahaha!!! 

It's a Completely Cool Cool Concoction, pals! 

Youse just gotta grab a beverage o' choice...maybe a pallie or two...get outside, in this summery weather...& throw on some Smooth Smooth Swingin' jams by Dino!  

Nice...simple equation, pals. 

Never forget...We is Dino-holics...we'll keep the party goin! 



dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Danny-o, thanks so much for this delightful double dose of Dino-croonin'!
I particularly loves the vid from the Dino-show as it's our most beloved Dino havin' a beautiful ball of a time puttin' his whole beautiful body into the Dino-action and havin' a beautiful blast makin' funny as he coolly croons this fun fun tune of a croon. We deeply digs how our most beloved Dino doesn't take himself likes seriously at Dino-all!

Danny G. said...

Couldn’t ‘gree more, pal!

Always On Watch said...

Such a wonderful song! And crooned by the best-ever crooner: our Dino.