Sunday, June 19, 2011

Danny G.'s Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Small Frye"

Hey pals, welcome to this special Father's Day Sunday Serenade. I can't think of a cool cooler daddy-o than our great great man! And what better way to celebrate all of our great great Daddy-o's than watchin' and learnin' from Mr. Dean Martin!

I found a perfect father/son video that most of you Dino-holics have probably seen many times over, but to me, this little 2 minute clip is what bein' a dad is ALL about! A father spendin' time with his child. That's it pallies! It's that simple!

As busy as Dino was, he was said to always be home for dinner with the fam. You can see the pure pure Dino-love between father & son in this vid.

This Father's day, as I'm spendin' time with my wee ones, I'll be thinkin' bout' the wonderful days that I spent with my Pop. I've told you all bout' my introduction to Martin & Lewis with my dear ol' dad! Those were truly great days! He definately did his part by steerin' me towards the incredible talent of Dean Martin! Thanks Pop!

I want to wish all you dads out there the very best Father's day! And take a lesson from Dino and always always be the best dad you can be!

Danny G.

Small frye, always goin' fishin'
Small frye, sittin' here wishin',
that each day and nothin' else to do
but sit around and chew the fat with you.

Small frye, you'd never get a haircut,
Small frye, it's better than that square-cut.
Geez Dad, how corny can you get
I ain't no psychedelic hippie yet.

You practicin' all all day long
to some ol' rock n' roll song
oh yea, oh yea
If that's the only thing I do
and I'm a little like you
then I can be a real success.

Small frye, that's no great ambition.
Small frye, you better stick to fishin'.
Looks like the two of us agree,
the simple life is just the thing for me.

Away from misery as strife
I say that this is their life, oh me, oh my
Small frye.

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