Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Cake and a Martini for the crooner:

Hey pallies, likes it may take days to post all the outstandin' Dino-remembrances on what woulda been our great man's 94th birthday, ilovedinomartin will be devoted to bringin' you as many Dino-tribs as possible. In this post we again hear from music writer Miss Helen Bach at the rockin' "rock nyc" pad.

Miss Bach so sweetly and simply declares her Dino-devotion by sayin'..."I'm a fan, always have been." Loves the Dino-photo and classic Dino-clip that Miss Helen has chosen to share. It's likes so so cool to find such Dino-homagin' at such a swingin' youthful site like "rock nyc."

ilovedinomartin is so so psyched to see the life, times, and teachin' of our great man bein' shared in so so many ways with nouveau hipsters...and seein' they become completely completely sold out to our Dino. So thanks Miss Helen Bach and the other pallies at "rock nyc" for doin' your part to help others grow in knowin', lovin' and honorin' our beloved Dino! To view this in it's original format, as always, just clicks on the tag of these Dino-thoughts. Dino-loved, DMP

Happy Birthday Dean Martin

Written by Helen Bach

Tuesday, 07 June 2011 00:03

Born today in 1917. Dean was the boozer of The Rat Pack, well that's how his image went. Dino was an amazing singer, had a great sense of humor and movie star looks. His "Martin and Lewis" films are priceless and if you have never seen one you're missing something hilarious.

Its funny he was always the handsome bachelor with a circle of smoke around his head, way cool. His voice is infamous and although alot of what he sang comes off sort of corny now, back in the day he was the cats pajamas.

I'm a fan, always have been. I'm fascinated by his era really. Seemed so much more romantic, although my impression is based solely on films so what the heck do I know.

There are tons of tributes and tons of websites about him, but in honor of this, what would have been 94th birthday how about we just groove on this classic video.

Cake and a Martini for the crooner:

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