Monday, March 07, 2011

SAVE OVER $230 off the full price of The Dean Martin Variety Collection.

Hey pallies, likes d'ya know that you no longer needs to wait forever likes to gets you hands on the 29 vol-u-mes of the Dino-show? And, likes if you order the complete Dino-set you can save tons of bread over the buy-one-vol-u-me-at-a-time method!

Currently the pallies at the Dean Martin Variety Show pad (clicks on tagg of this Dino-post to goes there) are offerin' quite the Dino-deal if you order the whole Dino-set at one time? Just perhaps, just perhaps this spec-i-al offer is comin' our way 'cause Time-Life will be offerin' even a better deal with a six DVD set of Dino-discs from the Dino-show for less then 60 bucks startin' May 24.

But, likes in ilovedinomartin's effort to keeps all ya pallies up-to-date on the most current Dino-details, likes did what to make this Dino-information available.
Dino-loved, DMP

Complete Collector's Set AS A SPECIAL OFFER YOU CAN SAVE OVER $230 off the full price of The Dean Martin Variety Collection. You get the full 29 volume set for ONLY 4 easy payments of $99.99 plus FREE shipping and handling! That's like getting 8volumes absolutely FREE, plus FREE shipping & handling! The complete collection includes comedic skits and musical performances with Dean Martin and features the following celebrity friends: Ella Fitzgerald Frank Sinatra Goldie Hawn Johnny Carson
Lucille Ball Gladys Knight & The Pips Bill Cosby Dom DeLuise Jonathon Winter Bing Crosby Bob Hope And more!


Anonymous said...

That`s a fantastic bargain :)

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, thanks so much Miss Ky for sharin' some wonderin' how much duplication likes there may be between these Dino DVDs and the ones comin' from Time-life...keeps lovin' our Dino...