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At The Home Of Danny G.: Interview Dino-holic Danny G. Part III

Hey pallies, last, but likes for sure not the least is the third and final istallment of our Danny G.'s Dino-interview. Enjoys learnin' more 'bout our pallie's deep Dino-attachment and the amazin' difference that our Dino has and is makin' in Danny's life.

Cool cool Dino-readin' for likes sure! ilovedinomartin saids our Dino-appreciato to Danny G. for makin' the time and sharin' so candidly 'bout his Dino-passion. Dino-loved, DMP

DMP: Danny-o, man I have a hunch that along the way of your Dino-journey you've had folks that likes just don't get the depth of your Dino-devotion...say that one of dem dudes sez to ya..."Why Dean Martin?".....just wonderin' what sorta answer you woulda gives 'em?

DG: That is very true pal, some folks just don't get our great man. So explainin' our Dino-devotion can be difficult to say the least. For me, the way I explain my connection to Dean Martin is largely based on the bond I had with my father. Dino was kind of a common ground for my Pop and me. That's how I "found" Dean. I explain that since then my influence from him is based on a certain life style that I "try" to emmulate. Carefree, cool, laid-back. I say "Who else can a person look up to who really knows how to squeeze the most juice outta life AND belt out a tune like no other?" They can't argue with that pal!

DMP: Pallie, likes I know we have spoken 'bout this before, but wonderin' if you would tell our ilovedinomartin readers the various roles that our beloved Dino plays in your life?

DG: Well pal, I can sum up Dean Martin's role in my life in two words...Role Model. That, I would say, covers ALL the bases. I eat, sleep and breath Dino! I start my day with him, I play him in my car, I listen to him around the house, while I'm in the shower and if I'm with my bud's down in mantown. He's definately my everyday soundtrack. But to me, Dino goes beyond just the incredible music. He's also an inspiration to live that way of life. He's teachin' me how to handle everyday situations with a certain amount of suave. Cool tempered and very casual. Strivin' for that ultra easy going style. It's not easy...but I'm tryin'!

DMP: Seems to me pallie, that likes we are livin' in one of the most stress filled times in all of history.....and thus we need our Dino more then ever before....might you share with our readers some of the ways that followin' our Dino has helped you deal with the stresses and strains of livin' in the 21 century? Wonderin' which Dino-resources you most draw on to helps keeps that Dino-cool?

DG: Hey pallie, you are so so right about these CRAZY days we're livin' today! When I know that I'm gettin' too caught up in everyday stresses, I take a deep breath...grab a little bit of the ol' homemade vino and throw on some Dino-tunes. It's surely a cure for the blues! None of us are Dino-perfect...especially me. We all can use a little reminder that there is light at the end of the EVERY tunnel! I've been through some really tough times in the last ten years, and the music of Dean Martin has definately helped me keep my chin up. For me, the best refresher is a good Dose o' Dino! Music has ALWAYS been my escape. Nothin' better to lift one's spirits!

DMP: Danny-o, no suprise man that our Dino's croonin' is your main source of Dino-support, but wonderin' if you draw Dino-strength from other Dino-sources...such as watchin' Dino-vids and readin' Dino-prose...such as Nick Tosches' amazin' Dino-bio?

DG: Absolutely! Nothin' makes me feel better than SEEIN' our great man in all his glory! I love watchin' clips from "the good ol' days" on youtube. Invigoratin'! That's the word I'm lookin' for! The only thin' better than listenin' to listenin' while WATCHIN" Dino! That REALLY motivates this Dino-holic!

DMP: And, you also are growin' in your Dino-devotion by studyin' the life and teachin's of our I recall you did mention delvin' into Tosches' deep and dark Dino-tone and the great delight you had in acquirin' that Look Mag expose of our great man....wonderin' what role your Dino-studies are playin' in your growin' Dino-passion?

DG: Man, I just love gettin' new perspectives on our great man! I read as much as I can about him. Every interview or biography or even an opinion can show you a whole new side to someone that wasn't obvious to you previously. Now you can step back and say "Yea, I get it now!" It's like a blast back to the past readin' those old interviews! Every true Dino-holic should own AT LEAST ONE old mag with a "one on one" with Dean. It REALLY helps you to get to know the REAL Dean in his OWN words. Great reference material too whenever you need a little inspiration to jump one of life's many many hurdles. You'd be surprised how much you can learn from our great great man! The Tosches book was a great read but to see what kind of answer Dean gave to a certain question is simply awe inspirin'!

DMP: Danny G. just wonderin' if you can think of a time or two when a teachin' of our Dino has lightened your load and brightened your day?

DG: I've had many times in my career when I didn't quite know what move to make. So what did I do? Nothin'! Just like Dean taught me. Sometimes you need to step back from a problem or certain situation, and just let the chips fall where they may. Things usually have a way of workin' themselves out. Just think too yourself, "What would Dino do?" Chances are you'll come up with the same answer as me...Nothin'.

DMP: Hey pallie, likes what a stellar example of followin' the Dino-way...thanks ever so much for sharin' the fruits found in walkin' the Dino-path.... Knows likes that we probably coulda goes on and on with this Dino-interview, but before we finish I woulda loves to gets your thoughts on this Danny G...... Image, if it were possible to go back to the days when Dino walked the earth and you were so blessed as to find your self in the immediate presence of our great man....wonderin' what you woulda want to say to our Dino 'bout his transformin' power in your life?

DG: Man, You got me awe-struck just thinkin' bout' it! What do you say to the guy who gets you through everyday? The guy who brightens your blue blue days. The dude who's cool cool ways have sort of molded your very being! Man o' man pally, that is a tough one. How bout' this, pal o' mine...simply...sincerely..."Thank you."

DMP: Well, gotta 'fess up that that sounds very Dino-like as our great man was often a man of minimal words himself. So, as we close out this Dino-interaction for at least now, wonderin' what partin' words 'bout our Dino that you would like to leaves us with?

DG: Hey pal, in partin'...for now, let me just say how much fun it was and a pleasure to share my personal feelins', thoughts and learnins' from the forever GREAT GREAT Dean Martin.

He really has a big spot in this pallie's heart. Hopefully we all can learn a thin' or two from him. Just remember, always ask yourself..."What would Dean Do?" Whatever will be...will be. It's all in God's hands anyway. Don't stress out over the lil' wee thins'! Be like Dino! So let me part by sayin' "Live and let live...Love and be loved...Drink and be Drunk!!! Ciao.

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