Monday, July 12, 2010

Who had more talent frank sinatra or dean martin?

Hey pallies, today's Dino-post asks the provocative quire, "Who has more talent Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin? This question appears at the pad "Yahoo Answers" and was asked by a dude tagged "morrellpark_toast." So far there have been two answers (includin' yours truly) both givin' the nod in the affirmatvie to our beloved Dino.

Likes I invites you to chime in with your Dino-thoughts...likes of course I knows that anybody hangin' 'round a blogg tagged ilovedinomartin willa likes have only one possible answer....DINO!!!....but likes it woulda be cool to have likes tons of Dino-holics all puttin' the accent on our Dino in their own likes Dino-way.

So, to express your Dino-love, just clicks on the tagg of this Dino-gram to goes to the question at yahoo have a few before the question closes down.

And, for your Dino-viewin' pleasure, here is 'nother amazin' clip of our Dino and the frankie havin' a blast on the Dino-show....just watchin' our Dino evokin' so so much Dino-energy, anybody witha likes any sense woulda say indeed our Dino is likes way in the lead in the talent department. Enjoys pallies and likes remember, truly, truly, only Dino matters.... Dino-promotin', DMP

Open Question

Who had more talent frank sinatra or dean martin?


Anonymous said...

as great as Sinatra is I of course gotta go with Dean on this one... i just wrote a couple days again about which one id choose lol

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, nice to hear from you Dino-girl....would 'ncourage you to clicks on the link and goes over to Yahoo Answers to share your Dino-wisdom....

Pete Emslie said...

Here's a case where I refuse to take the bait, as I think they are both supremely talented, yet have very different strengths and weaknesses that complement each other. It's precisely because of these differences that I believe made them best friends as well as professional colleagues for so many years. Let me explain:

Frank needed to be in charge. In the Rat Pack, Dean was happy to let him, as he didn't feel it was a clash of egos like he had with Jerry, just that Frank had that natural leadership quality and Dean just liked going along for the ride in his own easygoing way. Frank was a political animal and actively campaigned for JFK. Dean lacked the passion and only joined in as a favour to Frank. He'd much rather stay at home and watch a western on TV.

Frank was a manic depressive (by his own admission) and that tended to affect his choice of songs and his delivery. I believe that Frank had the greater emotional range of the two, as evidenced in the songs like "One For My Baby" and "Angel Eyes", which explore the depths of loneliness, or the poignant wistfulness of "A Very Good Year" or "September Song" as a man reaching middle age and reflecting on his life. In contrast, most of Dean's songs were light and breezy, romantic but never exploring the darker aspects of a love affair. Much of his output was quite joyful - you could imagine Dean with a big happy smile on his face while recording. I think the only time Dean got a little more into emotional fare was when he dabbled in country music a bit, but it still did not come close to plumbing the depths of despair as Frank did regularly.

In the recording booth, their approaches were miles apart. Frank had to be intimately involved at every stage of the process, arguing with producers and conductors until everything met his standard of perfection. He insisted on performing live with the orchestra, as he needed to feel the chemistry taking place. Dean was content to let the producer do his job, and usually laid down his tracks after the orchestra and background vocalists had already been recorded on a prior date. I mean this as no criticism of Dean, by the way. It's simply evidence that Frank and Dean had their own styles as unique individuals.

Interestingly, though both men were proud of their Italian heritage, only Dean sang such delightful olive oiled love songs as "On An Evening In Roma" and "That's Amore", among numerous others. In Sinatra's entire canon, "Let's Forget About Domani", as far as I recall is his only Italian ditty. In this case I think Dean's lighter touch enabled him to sing those songs in such an endearing manner. For Frank it would have felt cloying and insincere.

Dean was certainly the more naturally funny of the two. Poor Frank tried to be funny, but often the lines fell flat, usually not being that witty to begin with. You can certainly see why Dean had such long success as a genial TV show personality, as Frank just wasn't right for that medium and his own TV show died a quick death. In their Rat Pack stage shows, notice how Dean plays everything for laughs, not even singing an entire song straight, and singing some numbers with rewritten lyrics as comic routines. In contrast, Frank comes out and does a straight concert of his hits before joking around with Dean in advance of Sam's entrance.

Like I say, both men had their respective strengths and weaknesses. Though Frank was the self-appointed leader of The Rat Pack, Dean remained his own man, genially aloof and perhaps the only guy who could say no to Frank and yet still remain his trusted friend. I think Frank both admired and respected Dean for having those qualities that he lacked himself. So it really is not a question of who was the most talented. They were like Yin and Yang to each other - that's why they were both so great together, while also remaining unique as individuals.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, well Mr. Pete applaud your indepth thoughts on our Dino and the frankie....and for the most part I woulda have to agree with your perspective....but 'cause of our Dino's amazin' laid-back approach and the frankie's uptightness...I still gotta say Dino is the supreme entertainer of all time....I really appreciate you takin' so much of your time and you energy to respond so deeply to this Dino-post....

Levi said...

Never dug Sinatra, like Nancy tho

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, Levi dude likes we are likes totally of one Dino-mind on this...DINO IS THE MAN....could never ever see what anyone saw in the frankie....does likes Miss Nancy myself...'specially when she sin's "Thin's" with our Dino....keep those cards and letters, and Dino-patter comin' my Dino-lovin' Levi!