Sunday, July 04, 2010

our Dino, Marshmallows, and Fireworks

Hey pallies, likes on this 4th of July 2010, let's celebrate our freedom in Dino. There never has been, never will be anyone as free as our Dino....guess that our beloved Dino bein' so so totally cool also makes him totally free...

Here's a way cool clip of our Dino showin' his sparkly personality with some sparkle in the sky as well. This musta come from one of our Dino's wintertime specials 'cause the accent is on "Marshmallow World" and part the fireworks is in likes the form of a tree.

Watch how our Dino shows his totally free personality as he uses all of his amazin' moves to have a totally, totally rad time with the others on the beach...oh, how I woulda love to be one of those pallies watchin' our great man shows how his sparkly Dino-persona.

Happy 4th of July o'pallies of mine and celebrate your freedom to know, love, and deeply dig our beloved Dino!!! Dino-celebratin', DMP

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