Thursday, July 08, 2010

somethin' to introduce our youngens to our beloved Dino

Hey pallies, I was likes thinkin' how cool woulda it be it there were some Dino-resources likes to introduce our Dino to today's youngens....somethin' likes colorin' pages of our Dino to bring kiddies to our great man. Well, our Dino lead me into doin' a search and Dino-low and Dino-behold I am likes totally psyched to let's you know that such a kidpallie Dino-tool does exist!

Found at the blog Coloring Pages Book For Kids Boys, this outstandin' Dino-colorin' page is truly a wonderful way to starts gettin' our wee ones turned on to our King of Cool.

To view this in it's original pad, just clicks on the tagg of this Dino-gram to goes there. Pallies, likes be sure to make of copious copies to share with all the tikes you know 'cause the earlier they gets turned on to our beloved Dino....the more likely they will be come true Dino-devotees for life!!!!! Dino-promotin', DMP


Gayle Carline said...

Cool! I'd totally color in the lines!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, I'm sure you will Miss Gayle Carline....wonderin' if you woulda see that our Benny gets one of 'em to enjoy...butta thinks he just might goes way outta line...'cause he wants to be just likes our Dino...and we all knows that our Dino never ever stayed in line...btw, how's volume 2 of your Peri series comin'...can't wait to read 'bout the further adventures of my Dino-bro Benny Needles!

Kylie said...

This is great :)
As an ex teenager I agree we need to do everything we can to introduce Dean to the younger fans.
Did I say ex teenager ?
Suddenly I feel old, lol
But Dean has been with me for 20 years and he`ll always be number one.
A great drawing of Dean, his image is so hard to capture in sketches and the dolls which have been released of him.
I would so love a big painting of Dean but it would take a great artist to do it

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, well compared to the huge majority of pallies 'round this Dino-blog you are very young...but one can never ever start to early on the great that you will never be able to remember a time when our Dino was not a part of your life.....very few pallies can ever claim such a Dino-truth....