Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Serenade With Dino and the jer: "Two Lost Souls"

Hey pallies, in honor of yesterday's anniversary of our Dino and the kid makin' the split in both their work and personal relationships, Sunday Serenade features the duo singin' "Two Lost Souls." The clip comes from the November 13, 1955 episode of the Colgate Comedy Hour, the very last time our Dino and the jer appeared on this landmark television programme.

"Two Lost Souls" comes from the Broadway musical "Damn Yankees," which years later Mr. Lewis would star in on the great white way.

Very interestin' that "Two Lost Souls" was likes the very last song Martin and Lewis sang as a team on the little screen. Even near the end of their partnership the amazin' chemistry between our beloved Dino and the jer continues to likes shine many ways the song describes their decade long journey of fame and fortune and most importantly as soul mates.... Enjoys "Two Lost Souls" pallies! Dino-soulfully, DMP

Dean Martin - Jerry Lewis Colgate Comedy Hour Clip


sanniek47 said...

HI DMP. Haven't had much to say but I log on every day, as always. I am thinking this was the very first Colgate Comedy Hour. Mostly because: they look really young, Dean breathes a sigh of relief at the end, and they both have their original teeth :) What do you think

Kylie said...

This is great, I can`t remember having seen this clip.
I`ll have to search through my Colgates and see if I have this.
A great ending to the final episode

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes so great to hear from you Miss Sannie....I kinda sorta thought likes that you musta dropped off the face of the is the info that I culled the Dinoinfo from for this Dino-post...from

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis host this hour, their final appearance on Colgate. Their guests are The Norman Luboff Choir who drown out Dean on "Sometimes I'm Happy". Jerry, as pest Sidney, destroys Dean's high society engagement party. Dean sings "By a Shady Nook", "Memories Are Made of This", and joins Jerry for "Two Lost Souls". As host of "Martin's Mighty Midnight Matinee Movie", Dean shows Eggroll is a Many Splendored Dish featuring Jerry in a subtitled Japanese film. Also appearing are Isobel Elsom, Evelyn Lovequist, Milton Frome, Byron Kane, Patty Petersen, Terry Lee, Torben Meyer, and Frank Mitchell; and Dick Stabile and his Orchestra.

Hopes that clarifies thin' for you my Dino-sis...nows hopes we'll hear more from you real Dino-soon...gotta 'fess up that although the only reason I keeps 'dem Dino-efforts up is for the sake and 'cause of our is of great Dino-encouragement to me when pallies drops their Dino-patter....helps me know that I am not alone in my Dino-devotion.....

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, well Miss Ky, likes I just knews you woulda grooves on this amazin' Dino-duet...there truly is somethin' so so very very Dino-special 'bout the magic between our Dino and the jer in this soulful redition of this I sez our Dino and the kid were true soul-mates for the decade of their partnership....