Thursday, July 01, 2010

Episode 71: Dean Martin Festival 2010

Hey pallies, great news all my Dino-devoted pallies! Our Dino-holic pallie noebie(Bri Noe) has recently put up his pod cast of his trip to Dino-fest 2010 in Stu-ville at his happenin' blog pad "The Comedic Genius Of Martin And Lewis."

So, likes if you clicks on the tagg of this Dino-post you will arrive at noebie's place and be able to access his sharin' of travelin' to Dino-mecca to be with all the Dino-faithful. Besides that pallies, you will note that Bri has a totally, totally impressive list of Dino-links for your Dino-perusin' as well!!!!

Loves that Bri chose to use likes my fav of fav Dino-pixs that he took on his Dino-journey....a pix of his young girlpallie Caroline diggin' our Dino hangin' out at the Kroeger store! Thanks noebie for all your efforts in honorin' our beloved Dino and spreadin' so much Dino-love 'round through sharin' your Dino-pilgirmage to the place of our Dino's birth and raisin' Dino-reportin', DMP

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Episode 71: Dean Martin Festival 2010

This time around, we're visiting Steubenville, Ohio for the 2010 Dean Martin Festival.

Click here for the MP3, or subscribe for free at iTunes or Zune Marketplace.


Dean Martin Festival Official Site

Upper Ohio Valley Italian Heritage Festival

Deana Martin Official Site

Naples Restaurant

The Spot Bar

Lauren Mascitti

Russ Loniello

Drew Anthony

Eric DeLauro

The Dean-O-Holics

David Iannandrea

Lou Martini, Jr.

Fort Steuben

American Legion

Dean Martin Scholarship Fund

Steubenville Police DARE Program

Bayberry House Properties

Froehlich's Classic Corner

Murals of Steubenville

YouTube Festival Collection

Flickr Set

City of Steubenville

Set Up at The Spot

The Rat Pack Is Back

All Of Me Video

Picture of Drew Anthony and Claudia

The Walters

St. Anthony's Church

Boyhood Footsteps of Dean Martin (PDF) - Steubenville CVB

Church of the Holy Trinity (Greek Festival)

Save The Grand Theater

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