Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Serenade With Dino: "My Woman, My Woman, My Wife"

Hey pallies, gonna 'tempt to start likes a new Dino-feature here at our humble ilovedinomartin Dino-blog......"Sunday Serenade".........our Dino singin' one of his fabulous songs...often from the couch on the Dino-show.

Today we feature that oh so dramatic song "My Woman, My Woman, My Wife" sung to likes total Dino-perfection. Knows that our beloved Dino's rendition of this deeply movin' anthem just stirs such passion within my bein'.

Indeed, our Dino croons so many of his tunes with such light-hearted fun, but when it comes to a serious song like "My Woman, My Woman, My Wife" our Dino pours his whole soul and bein' into capturin' the depths of meanin' from each and every word of the lyrics. Anyone who has ever said that our Dino does not have depth in his performin' has obviously never seen him bare his heart and soul in "My Woman, My Woman, My Wife."

Gotta 'fess up that I chose to share this particular Dino-song with ya, 'cause I read at 'nother Dino-location that this is the fav Dino-couch-song of our newest Dino-devotee here at the ol' ilovedinomartin blog.

Sit back and soak in the Dino-depths of Dino-emotions from "My Woman, My Woman, My Wife." Deeply in Dino, DMP


Anonymous said...

Great song to start with one of Deans best..he really made it so you couldnt look away, WW2 could have been goin on behind him-he wouldnt have flinched and I never would have noticed

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, Dino-girl likes you have said that so well....our Dino has such deep concentration in this song and he certainly likes totally totally grabs your attention...this is our Dino at his most powerful musically! Thanks for droppin' some Dino-patter....

Anonymous said...

Wow ! I love this so much :)
The roof could be caving in around me and I wouldn`t be able to take my eyes off Dean :)
What a great performance

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, KR likes I knows what you mean my friend....sounds like you have mucho Dino-passion....and that's the Dino-way to go....thanks again for droppin' some Dino-patter