Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Regally Royal Nature Of Our Dino

Hey pallies, likes we've reached the 31st of December, the last day of the Dino-winter-month celebration, the last day of this ol' Dino-year. Thinkin' 'bout how to end our Dino-seasonal celebratin' and ringin' out the ol' year, thoughts that I would simple share a fav Dino-pix and a fav Dino-vid.

The Dino-pix and vid comes from that moment in Dino-history when our great man sang the marshmallow tune for a Bob Hope wintertime special. Yeah, I knows that I have posted that vid so so many times durin' this Dino-wintery celebration, but I am likes so smitten with the Dino-image and Dino-clip pallies! You ask why such Dino-affinity to 'em?

Well seems to this Dinoholic that the image and clip captures the regally royal nature of our Dino so very very well: our Dino sittin' on his kingly throne of plush green velvet, in his royal tux attire, usin' his cigarette likes a scepter, pontificatin' on the cool condition of his kingdom durin' the wintery season.

We proclaim our Dino the "King Of Cool" and indeed this photo still and these brief moments of videotape ooze cool and regal us with his kingly presence.

So, as we finds ourself on the edge of a comin' new Dino-year, we pay homage to our Dino and celebrate bein' a part of his world. Stay tuned for much more Dino in '10.
Dino-devotedly, DMP

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