Thursday, December 17, 2009


Hey pallies, welcome to day 17 of Dino-winter-month here at ilovedinomartin. Our amazin' Dino-phile Ed nailed it right on the Dino-head the other day when he sez 'bout Dino and seasonal tunes..." Dino has assumed the soundtrack of society’s holiday consciousness." And pallies, every single Dino-day I note pallies all over the web makin' sure that some Dino-seasonal music is at the tops of their play lists.

And then there are folks likes this guy Bob Rini who show their Dino-appreicato for our great man by doin' Dino-winter-time-grams in admiration and honor of our Dino.
Today's Dino-post here at ilovedinomartin is a repost of Mr. Bob's Dino-focused prose on the subject of what has become my most fav of Dino-seasonal clips....our Dino singin' "It's A Marshmallow World" from a Bob Hope Christmas special. (And, truth be told pallies, likes I use any Dino-'cuse to have the opp to repost this Dino-gem of a Dino-clip as Dino-often as I can this time of Dino-year!)

Our pallie Ed did a outstandin' post on this Dino-tune on the first day of Dino-winter-month her at our humble little Dino-home and if you missed it, please, please dear pallie makes the effort to go back and read Ed's Epistle for that day and soaks in the Dino-culture.

Rini shares both the Dino-clip of Dino-marshmallow as well as a clip of our Dino and the frankie doin' some New Year's Eve celebratin' on the Dino-show. I never tires of watchin' our Dino and especially his glowin' version of marshmallows a la Bob Hope.

Mr. Rini's blogg is tagged "Nine Pound Hammer" and how appro 'cause he nails our Dino-s brillance in Dino-winter-tunin' by sayin'..."Dean Martin slinks into the holidays with a drink and a smoke, and then another drink, until finally he's in 'a marshmallow world.'" Thanks Bob for liftin' up the name of our Dino and spreadin' some Dino-love durin' this Dino-season. To view Rini's Dino-gram in it's original format, just clicks on the tagg of this Dino-message.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Dean Martin slinks into the holidays with a drink and a smoke, and then another drink, until finally he's in "a marshmallow world." This louche lounge lizard loves the drinking season. Watching him sing is a kick in the head. Later on, he's joined by fellow Rat Pack pal Frank Sinatra, who also knows how to party. Here they get together with some friends for some festive entertaining. This is old school horseplay that no longer exists in this Digital Age, so drink it up while you still can. Cheers!

Posted by Bob Rini at 9:43 AM


ed said...

It's wonderful to see other pallies sharing the love!!


dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, couldn't of said it better myself Mr. to you this very Dino-day...

Maria Jensen said...

I love the first video! I don´t want to sound stupid, but did Dino ever record this song? I should know by now, but i have my doubts : o!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, yeah, it is on lots of different Dino-winter-tune CDs...and likes there are stupid Dino-quiries 'cause every Dino-wonderin' shows your deep Dino-desire to knows more and more 'bout our great man...