Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Hey pallies, first wanna thanks our great pallie Ed for gettin' us off to such a snazzy Dino-winter-month start with his amazin' Dino-prose on our Dino's winter tunin' of "It's A Marshmallow World."

Indeed 'tis the season for givin' and Mr. Ed has given us a marvelous gift of a start to all the Dino-festivities of this month of honorin' and rememberin' our Dino as we approach the date of his leavin' the planet.

So, it is with a heavy heart, that I breaks into all this special winter Dino-devotion to share the followin' breakin' Dino-news with all you Dino-devotees.

In this Dino-season of givin'....and certainly our Dino is such a stellar example of givin' to all of us...gotta report that Dino-wife numero duo, the Jeanne, is in the mood for takin'.

As you will read in the Dino-report below, the Jeanne has started a law suit against the Dean Martin Family Trust exec, Miss Laura Lizer, claimin' that Miss Lizer has not shared 'nough of the Dinotreasure with the former Mrs. Martin.

Time will tell how this Dino-suit plays out....but how sad to had to report 'bout the Jeanne boldness is takin' in the midst of what is known as a season of givin'.

Don't wanna share too much Dino-commentary with all ya pallies today 'cause our Dino-commentator-par-excellance Ed will be speakin' his Dino-piece on this particular subject tomorrow in a very special ed of Ed's be sure to return tomorrow to take in Ed's take on this Dino-situation.

There have been quite a number of Dino-mentions of this law suit all over the web, the one that is bein' shared is from the National Enquirer site...and as usual, just clicks on the tagg of this Dino-message to goes there. Dinoreportin', DMP


Dean Martin was once the king of Vegas' Rat Pack but not to his ex- wife.

According to a new lawsuit, the late Dino's ex-wife wants a piece of his royalty pie and she's suing to get her slice.

Jeanne Martin who Dean divorced more than 30 years ago filed papers in La County Superior Court that's Martin's estate is stiffing her on her share of the music star's royalities.

In the suit Jeanne claims that one of the co-executors of Dean's state Laura Lizer has been double-dipping into her share.

The suit alleges that Lizer pocketed at least $130,000 from Dean's exorbitant music royalties since 2003 and Jeanne wants her to pony up.

So, when the moon hit's your eye like a big pizza pie - THAT's a lawsuit


ed said...

Great find pally!

Can always count on you to be our eyes and ears for Dino-news!

I'll be putting fingers to keys ASAP with some ramblin's and ruminations for a ilovedinomartin blog follow up!


sanniek47 said...

You know, I always thought Number Two was the reason why Martin and Lewis broke up. She just goes after everything: the married crooner, the comedy team, the money. It ain't never enuf!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, thanks for the Dino-support...yeah I finds 'em and you Dino-commentary 'em...lookin' forward to your thoughts on this latest Dino-news...

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, good to hear from you Miss Sannie....and I does think that you're on the right Dino-track 'bout the Jeanne...nothin' seems to ever be 'nough....hopes you will share your Dino thoughts more often o'pallie of ours...