Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ed's Epistle.......Dino Bites

Dino-zens of Dino's World. Random factoids and other ruminations of little known facts surrounding Dino.

Old Greyback Strikes Twice

In 1977, on her way to Las Vegas Nevada., Dolly Sinatra, mother of Frank Sinatra, was one of four people who died when their Gates Lear Jet crashed into a mountain shortly after take off from Palm Springs Municipal Airport.
What was later ruled as control tower human error, the ill flighted plane crashed into the same mountain which ten years later would take the life of one Dean Paul Martin.
The same mountain that took the mother of Frank Sinatra, also took the life of the son of Dean Marti.
That mountain? Mt. San Gorgonio.

Three Screen Icons

In the wonderful 1952 Martin & Lewis movie, "Sailor Beware", an relatively unknown actor was in his second uncredited major motion picture role. In the locker room scene, specifically at 3:45, the up and coming actor can be heard saying the line "Look, there's a professional."
In three short years and many small television roles later, the young rebel will be thrusted upon the Hollywood movie scene. In "East of Eden" he carved himself as a promising young actor. His next film, "Rebel Without A Cause", carved himself as a box office smash. His third and final film, 'Giant", he carved himself as a multiple Oscar nominee. His death that same year carved himself immortality.
James Dean shared the screen for a few movies historical moments. Hollywood Legends.

Speakin' In Tounge
Reprise Recording Studio, October 23, 1964. Dino settles in to record song number 3013, titled "Everybody Loves Somebody". This isn't a news bulletin at the moment, considering the hit song hit number one on June 27th of the same year. However the fact the song remains unreleased is even more intriguing in which Dino recorded the song.
The language. Spanish.

Enjoy the only language "Everybody" that was released.


dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, interestin' Dino-details...always loves to learns me more Dino-facts....helps one to grow in our Dino-knowledge and Dino-appreciation.....thanks Ed....

Always On Watch said...

I'd love to hear the Spanish version!

Maria Jensen said...

I was actually wondering the first time i saw that movie if it was James!
Wow, i didn´t know that fact about Frank´s mother and Dino Jr. Such a sad and terrible period for both of them! Spesially Dino!

I wonder how that song would have turned out in spanish?