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Interviewin' Dinoholic Keith Buck

Hey pallies, here is the second in a series of interviews with pallies who loves our Dino. I am likes so happy to be able to introduce y'all to Keith Buck....a true lover of our great man and all thin's Dino. As you will discover as your progress through these Dinoquires, one of Mr. Buck's major Dinoactivities is his Dino Lounge blogg. To goes there, per usual, just clicks on the tagg of thie Dinopost.

One of the thin's I asked Keith for was to share a pix of himself with us, as well as some of this fav Dinopixs. Here is what he said 'bout 'em.....

I'm sending around 4 Dinopix that I really love. Of course I love many more of these. There's not one specific reason I love this. I do think that they all represent the King of Cool so well. Whether it's him with a drink, a smoke, or a beautiful girl or a cool ride. They give us an idea of what Dino is all about, the things that he enjoys in life.

And, now let's learn 'bout Keith and his amazin' passion for our Dino.... Dinosharin'. DMP

DMP: Would you begin by tellin' us a bit 'bout, rank, serial numbero...etc.

K: My name is Keith. I'm 38 years old. I live in North Carolina. I have two blogs. One is The Dino Lounge, which is devoted to Dean Martin and the Rat Pack. I just had to create a blog dedicated to the King of Cool. He's so worthy of it. I post pictures, videos, reviews, etc. about Dino and his pallies. I also have a blog called Sugar & Spice. It's devoted to the beautiful women of the 60's and 70's. I actually got the idea for it because of all the beautiful women that were Dino's movie co-stars. Dino loved the ladies and the ladies loved Dino. I wanted to do what I could online to spread the message of how cool and hip Dean Martin is.

DMP: Everybody who comes to loves our Dino has their own particular special Dinotale to tell 'bout how our great man found 'em and made 'em his own. Would you tell us that amazin' story 'bout your gran and the cassette tape...and......?

K: I came to love Dino on two fronts. One was from watching those hilarious celebrity roasts as a kid. That's when I first saw Dino. I thought he was so cool. Plus I got a chance to discover a lot of the other greats of that era. They always looked like they had such a great time on those roasts with Dino. I wanted to be a part of that.

I also was introduced to Dino's music by my paternal grandmother. She's part Italian. She had a lot of great Italian-American music in her home when I was growing up. Dean Martin was her favorite singer. I heard so many of his records. I always loved his smooth and easygoing voice.

I did listen to contemporary music while I was growing up. I was interested in all the singers and bands that my friends listened to. I did continue, however, to listen to Dino and the Rat Pack. It wasn't until I became an adult that I really came to a deep love and admiration for Dino. It had to do with a cassette tape. You know what I'm talking about. It was a tape that my grandmother had made before she has passed away. It had a lot of different tunes up there. Many of them were Dino songs. I was going through a lot of emotional issues at this time. This music really touched me. It brought back memories of my grandmother. It also uncovered my eyes and helped me see the world in a different light. It made me understand that I wanted to live a life like Dino. He lived life to the fullest. He enjoyed himself. I wanted to do that as well. Life is too short. I wanted to have a blast while I was on this rock. That's what Dino and his pallies did. I've been on this ride ever since. It's been a cool one.

DMP: If it is not too personal, would you tell us more 'bout the cassette you found it,....and didn't a particular Dinotune move you deeply?

K: While I had grown up listening to the popular artists of that day, I did still like to hear the music of Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Jerry Vale, etc. Dino was always the one I liked the best. It was really after my grandmother's death though before I became a huge fan of Dino. I was going through some of her old stuff awhile after her passing. This was a troubling time in my life on so many accounts. I found a tape like I mentioned earlier. I enjoyed all of the music on the tape, but I was really struck by the Dino tunes. The one song I loved in particular was, of course, "Ain't That A Kick In The Head." That has become my favorite Dino tune of all time. Some of the songs on the tape made me smile, while others made me cry. It brought back memories of what my childhood had been like. It also helped me realize that I had made so many mistakes in my life. I had failed at so much. I felt I was at a crossroads. I needed to turn my life around. My life hadn't been what I had hoped for it. I wanted to start living life on my terms. I wanted to start to enjoy life. I had always worried about so much. I had been concerned with what others thought of me. I wanted to start embracing the joys and pleasures that this world had to offer. Dino helped open my eyes and see things as they truly could be if I gave them the chance. I just had to stop putting so much pressure on myself and mellow out.

DMP: You and I and the rest the world know that we are in a real time of stress....workwise, financially, name it....I wonder in what ways our Dino has helped you to cope and move forward amid the stresses and strains of livin' this life?

I have my share of ups and downs. I've been going through a lot with work over the last 18 months or so. I've also had struggles with my weight. Life's not been a bed of roses lately. I have my share of stress and worry. It's hard when you have to deal with the daily grind. Whenever I feel really down or upset over something, I put on a Dino CD. Once I hear that voice of his, I escape to another world. I forget about my problems. I know that I can deal with anything. I just have to take it easy and not let it bother me. Shake it off. Dino was so laidback and easygoing. He wouldn't have let such things get him down. I want to be more like him. I listen to the sound of his smooth voice, but I also listen to the content of his music. I believe that there are many words of wisdom there if we take heed of them. They can really help us understand how to truly live a wonderful life.

If I'm not listening to some Dino music, then I love to pop in one of his flicks. The Matt Helm spy movies are my favorites to chill out to. That is Dino cinema at its very cool and swingin' best. Those movies always make me feel fantastic. It doesn't get any better than that. It's like being in a different universe. That's the place I wanna live. Dino's got more cool in his pinky finger than the rest of us have in our entire bodies. He oozes cool. He defines it. Dino is the ultra hip cat. I want to emulate that. I want to be more like Dino. We could all use some of that Dino magic in the troublesome world we find ourselves in today.

I really dig that Dino was his own man. He didn't follow the crowd. He made his own rules. He lived his life the way he wanted to do it. He understood there were no guarantees. We had better live this life to the fullest, living each day as if it was your last. Life should be an adventure instead of some routine that we always have to follow. Over the years now my love and respect for Dino has grown. He's been an inspiration to me. I know there's nothing I can't handle. I put on some Dino music, pour myself a drink, light a cigar & enjoy myself. I chill out and relax. I take it easy. I know that life is too short to waste my time worrying about things I can't change or control. Dino has shown me that life is to be enjoyed.

DMP:You say 'bout our Dino's songs "I believe that there are many words of wisdom there if we take heed of them." I totally agree with you man, could you.....would you so kindly expound on this a bit usin' one or more of our Dino's stellar tunes?

K: A song that I really love by Dean Martin is "Welcome To My World." This song can be taken on many levels. I know we've talked about this before. It makes me think about how I could show up at Dino's pad. I've been invited over, but I have to accept the invitation. I arrive at Dino's pad and he welcomes me into his world. It's like another world. It's so different from what's outside. There's such a party going on there. There's lots of booze, music, pretty girls, laughter, etc. You never want to leave. That's the way you want things to always be.

We live in tumultuous times right now. It reminds me that the 60's were exactly a piece of cake either. They definitely had their own set of problems. Even in that timeframe, you had guys like Dino who showed us a different and more fun way of living. Dino showed us how we could live our life in such a way even if the outside world seem to be crashing down around us. We are invited into his world. It makes me think of those movies where there is some alternate world on the other side of a door. That's how I envision it. I never want to leave that world. I want to throw my cares and worries out.

You think about the Matt Helm spy movies. Even though Dean Martin as Matt Helm is trying to save the world from some madman, he still finds time to kick back a few drinks, light up some smokes, seduce some hot chicks, croon some tunes, etc. That's the kind of world I'm trying to create for myself. While there might be problems I have to deal with, I can do it without tearing my hair out. It's been great to find pallies that want that same sort of life for them. We are making that world a reality.

DMP: You also say, "I want to be more like him." Now, we all know that it is impossible to ever be our Dino, but all true Dinoholics, as you say, always want to be more like him. You have already shared a bit 'bout this, but wonderin' if you could share a story or two from you life where you have become more like our Dino and how that has transformed your life?

K: Nobody is ever going to be just like Dino. It's impossible. The man is the epitome of cool. It sure is fun striving to be more like him though. I've always been a person who suffered from a lot of stress and worry. Many times it was over petty stuff. I realized not to sweat the small stuff anymore. Chill out over it. Take it easy. Don't let all this crap get me down. If you let the daily grind beat you down, it will definitely do so. You've got to mellow out and take a breather. Let those worries and fear roll right off of you.

I also think Dino has helped me with my personality and attitude. I've always been a shy guy. Once I get to know someone, I tend to be more friendly and outgoing. I usually would find a corner to crawl into until I'm more comfortable with people. I find that happening less and less. I'm much more likely to want to be in the center of the crowd these days. I'm much more outgoing and wanting to have a good time. I'm not so interested in what people think of me anymore. I don't want people to not like me, but you can't be worrying all the time about what people's perceptions are about you. Live your life the way you want to. I'm out there hitting back shots, telling jokes, etc. with the best of them these days. It's much more of a blast.

These are a couple of the ways that Dino has helped me in my life. My love of Dino has transformed me in so many ways. I am loving life a whole lot more. Life is what you make it. You can either let the troubles of the world drag you down or you can shake them off. Dino's shown me the way that I want to live my life from now on.

DMP: Know that you have tried to use your blogs to draws some attention to our Dino, just wonderin' if and in what ways you have tried to bring others 'round you to know, love, and honor our Dino?

K: I've definitely tried to use my blogs to draw attention to Dean Martin and share my love/admiration of this coolest of all cats. I've even used my blogs to introduce my family & friends to Dino. Even if they don't leave any comments, I know I've got some family & friends that check it out. They've learned a lot about him from my blog posts. I also have watched some of Dino's movies with them. They had never seen a Dino movie before. We've watched everything from "Ocean's 11" to "The Cannonball Run" together. They've loved those flicks. I've been talking up Dino's role as that cool & swingin' spy Matt Helm with my loved ones too. Many of them never knew he had played a spy before. What's cool is my dad actually watched those movies back when they came out. That's given us something else to talk about. I've also introduced the music of Dino to my loved ones. My sister and one of my cousins especially have become big fans of Dino's music. My sis has even bought some of his albums herself. It's been awesome to witness my family & friends become fans of Dino too.

DMP: You have shared that you fav Dinotune is "Ain't That A Kick In The Head." Would you share a bit 'bout why that has become your fav of favs when it comes to our Dino?

K: What's weird is that it's hard for me to explain this. I had someone ask me one time why this was my favorite tune of Dino's. I wasn't quite sure what to say. I think it's a few things. I love the sound of the song. It's got a melody that really hits me in the right way. I do love the lyrics. It reminds me about how I've felt about certain girls in my lifetime. It's just a fun song to listen to. It always puts a smile on my face. Plus Dino sang this tune in "Ocean's 11." I love that movie. That is my favorite scene in the movie. The song just seems to represent so much of what I dig about Dino.

DMP: And, while you are at it, how 'bout namin' and explainin' which of all our Dino's amazin' cinematic triumphs is your bestest of the best?

K: I love so many of Dino's flicks. I really love those Matt Helm spy movies. My favorite of them is "Murderers' Row." Part of that is because it co-stars Ann-Margret. I've had a huge crush on that redheaded sex kitten since I can remember. I think Dino and her have great chemistry together. You really feel the sparks flying between them. I think they make a great pair. I also love the setting and plot of this movie. It was also cool to see a cameo featuring Dino's son. I get a kick out of that scene in the movie. I love any of those club scenes in the movie. It's also funny to hear his crack about Frankie at the club. There's so much to love about this movie. It's definitely my favorite of the Matt Helm spy flicks.

DMP: One of the thin's I am always interested in learnin' is say you have 24 hours that you could spend with our Dino.....what woulda be your dream Dinotime together?

K: Man, that is such a hard one. Even though I'm not that good at golf, I would love to play a game with Dino. That would be cool to have him teaching me the ropes of the game out on the course. We could always have a bite to eat and some drinks after our game. Probably after that there would be some rest and relaxation time. We've got to keep it laidback and easygoing. It would be cool to have some time just to sit back with some drinks, smokes & have a little conversation. There's so much I would wanna talk with Dino about. By that time it would be time to get ready to hit the town. I'd get ready in my tux and head out to the hottest lounge club. Dino and I would meet up with his pallies from the Rat Pack. There would also be a bevy of hot babes there. The guys would entertain the crowd by telling some jokes and singing some songs. Maybe I could even get in the act. Something along those lines would be a great way to spend a day with Dino. I would be thrilled with such a day.

DMP: Just wonderin' pallie if there is a Dinoquestion or two that you had wished that I had asked you 'bout?

First of all, thanks so much for asking me to do this interview. I appreciate it. I'm honored that you wanted to do this. I think you asked some really good questions. I enjoyed answering them. You covered pretty much anything I could think of. I would say that if anyone asked me for any advice on Dino that I would tell them to listen to his music, watch his flicks & read some of the books written on him.

Dino will always be the King of Cool. He's the greatest entertainer of all time. He conquered so many mediums. He still remains a mystery though. There is so much about him we will never know. I think he's a great role model for us guys today. We would do well to strive to emulate Dino. He could teach us all what it is to be hip cats and how to live our life to the fullest. We don't have to live the same old dull routine that the masses live. We can have a cool and swingin' time if we want it. Cheers!


Keith said...

Hey pallie DMP. Wow! It looks so awesome seeing that interview up there. Thanks for asking me to do it. I appreciate it. Hope you are having a Dinocool weekend. Cheers!

Gabbi said...

Great interview, a fan of Keith's blogs and really enjoyed learning more about him and where his passion for Dino came from. Keith's views on life and the influence Dean Martin had in his life are extremely insightful. Thank you for sharing!

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Hey pallie, glads you likes it...thought it turned out very Dinospecial...enjoys...

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, glads to be able to assist you in learnin' more 'bout Keith and his Dinodevotion..hopes you might just stopps by 'gain...have a great day in Dino...

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Cool interview :)
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Wow, that's a great idea!

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