Thursday, August 20, 2009

Artists and Models (1955)

Hey pallies, likes here is 'nother blogger blog spreadin' the Dinomessage. A chick tagged Sarah at her cool blogg Art In Movies has featured the bestest of the best Dino and the kid flicks, "Artists And Models." To check this out in it's original format, just clicks on the tagg of this Dinogram.

This particular Dino and the jer adventure is filmed in such glorious color, offers wonderful songs by our Dino, and has the whittiet of whitty dialogue. Enjoys the cool pixs, the Dinoclip, and the stellar commentary of this classic Dinoflick. Dinolovin', DMP

Artists and Models (1955)

Dean Martin plays artist Rick Todd

Dorothy Malone plays artist Abigail 'Abby' Parker

Abigail Parker drawing the Bat Lady

Artists and Models on IMDB

'Rick Todd (Dean Martin) is a struggling painter. His roommate, Eugene Fullstack (Jerry Lewis), is an aspiring children's author. Fullstack has a passion for comic books, especially those of the "Bat Lady." However, each night he has nightmares which he describes aloud during his sleep. They are about "Vincent the Vulture," who is half-man, half-bird.

A neighbor in the complex, Abigail Parker (Dorothy Malone) is a professional artist and works for a comic book company, Murdock Publishing. Her roommate is Bessie Sparrowbush (Shirley MacLaine), who is Mr. Murdock's secretary, and the model for "Bat Lady". Sparrowbush develops a crush on Fullstack, who is unaware that she is the "Bat Lady."

Parker becomes frustrated at work and quits at the same time that Todd gets a job with them after pitching the adventures of "Vincent the Vulture" from Fullstacks' dreams. He attains success at his new job, but after falling for Parker he keeps his work a secret from her.

Unbeknownst to all of them, Fullstacks' dreams also contain a top-secret rocket formula that Todd publishes in his stories. With spies all around them, they manage to entertain at the annual "Artists and Models Ball" and capture the enemy, preserving national security.'

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