Thursday, July 30, 2009

Reviewin' "Freezer Burn" by Miss Gayle Carline

Hey pallies, legend has it that as a lad, the first book that our Dino read was "Black Beauty." The story made him cry and our great man vowed to never read 'nother book in his life....and likely, bein' a man of his word, he never did.

Well, tryin' to follow in our Dino's footsteps, likes I am not much of a reader myself....oh yeah, I do makes 'ceptions when it comes to books 'bout our King of Cool....tomes likes Nick Tosches' stellar Dinobio, "DINO: Living High In The Dirty Business Of Dreams."

So when I learned that Miss Gayle Carline's first novel, a murder mystery tagged "Freezer Burn," features a character, Benny Needles,who was addicted to our Dino, I knew I woulda be willin' to make an 'ception and check it out.

Well pallies, the aformentioned book arrived at my local bookstore joint on Monday. Havin' just a bit of time that day, I read the first few chapters. But, I got so hooked on the plot yesterday that I stayed up past midnight last night to gets the book finished....just couldn't put it down.

"Freezer Burn" reminds me of our Dino in just so so many ways..likes our great man, FB is way cool, hip, and randy....

COOL....with a tagg likes "Freezer Burn" how coulda it not be.....

HIP.....solvin' murders is hard work, and private investigator Peri Minneopa relaxes with her fav drink....a dirty martini...and her fav man, detective Skip Carlton....

RANDY...P.I. Peri and Detective Skip not only work very very closely on solvin' the double homicide, but they finds themselves even more intimately involved after hours.....

And there are so many twists and turns in the plotline that just likes our Dino, you just never know what is comin' next. As our Dino has such fun with everythin' he is clear that Miss Gayle Carline has had great fun in writin' her first novel.

Gotta 'fess up what I likes best of Dinocourse is the character of Benny Needles...the dude the book revolves 'round. Benny hires P.I. Peri to search his iced over freezer section for his missin' Dinosigned ice cube tray from "Oceans 11."
When in doin' so Miss Minneopa finds in the freezer a hand without a body, that sets the stage for the murder and mayhem surroundin' the rest of the book.

As I was readin' Miss Gayle Carline's description of the Dino-wanna-be character of Benny just couldn't help but wonders how she coulda be describin' me to a Dino-T. I'm near Benny's age...and likes Benny gotta 'fess up that I'm just as big of a slob and he is...... Benny oftens asks himself...."What would Dino do"....and moves into Dinopersona....likes I do that all the time.

Benny has surrounded himself with Dinotreasures of all sorts....I wanna do the same. The bigg difference I noticed between Benny and myself is financial.....seems in the book Mr. Needles as never-endin' funds to make his Dinopurchases....well unfortunately pallies...not the case with his Dinoholic.

So simply for the fun of learnin' 'bout the Dinolife and Dinotimes of Dinoholic Benny Needles, the book is a great Dinoread....but there is so much more to enjoys as well. Miss Gayle Carline has a nack of introducin' characters and settin's that help the reader to really gets into the action...and she keeps us guessin' to the very end as to who the killer or killers are.....and we don't learn 'bout how the sawed-off hand gets into the freezer until the last page or two.

As I said, I stayed up late the other night....didn't wanna go to bed until I finished the read. "Freezer Burn" is a must read for all Dinoholicly inclined diggers of murder and mayhem.

So, y'all do yourselves a fav and treat yourself to a read of Miss Gayle Carline's stellar murder mystery "Freezer Burn." btw, if you clicks on the tagg of this Dinomessage you will be able to be transported to Miss Gayle Carline's offical page for "Freezer Burn" where you learn more 'bout it. Dinoreportin', DMP

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