Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dean Martin – A Lucky Charm for Us All

Hey pallies, didn't thinks likes I woulda be lucky 'nough to be able to find 'nother Dino-post for the day of the wearin' of the green....but likes thanks to our Dino-holic bro Otto Bruno at his self-tagged blog, indeed likes here is 'nother stellar Dino-post for this lucky day.

Mr. Bruno tags his Dino-patter, "Dean Martin – A Lucky Charm for Us All," and features that most wonderful of wonderful Dino-songs, "The Lucky Song" from that most wonderful of wonderful of wonderful Dino and the kid flicks, "Artists And Models."

Indeed this is truly my lucky day 'cause "Artists and Models" is such a outstandin' fav of mine...and "The Lucky Song" always brings such a huge Dino-buddha-grin to my face when I watch our incredible Dino havin' such fun with the kiddies in this perfect production number!

Thanks to Mr. Otto Bruno for spreadin' such Dino-sunshine on this St. Patty's Day and helpin' his readers to draw closer to our beloved Dino! To view this in it's original format, likes just clicks on the tagg of this here Dino-gram. Dino-loved, DMP

Dean Martin – A Lucky Charm for Us All

March 17th, 2011 | Classic Films, Great American Songbook, Italian America

I couldn’t resist juxtaposing the subject of our previous post (Mr. Lewis) with his old partner Dino.

What follows is a wonderful clip from Dean & Jerry’s version of the film Artists and Models (1955). I say “their” version because Jack Benny actually starred in the 1937 film version of Artists and Models. I’ve never seen Jack’s film although I’d certainly like to – I’m a big Benny fan.

Back to Dean and Jerry – Dean has some good songs in this film. One of the songs from this film that we now all associate with Dean is Innamorata. Someday, I’ll post an article I once wrote about how Dean, of all the Italian American vocalists, probably sang more Italian (or Italian “flavored”) songs than all the rest. In this movie, the songs were written by Harry Warren (born Salvatore Guaragna) and Jack Brooks who just happen to be the same team that wrote That’s Amore for Dean and Jerry’s film The Caddy two years prior to Artists and Models.

One other bit of trivia – although she’s not in this clip, Artists and Models also featured future Rat Pack mascot, Shirley MacLaine.

Sit back and enjoy Dean at his best . . . projecting the warmth and charm like only Dino could.

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