Sunday, September 12, 2021

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "The Things We Did Last Summer"

 Well well well...Here we are...once 'gain, my friends...windin' down our Sunday Serenades of Summer. 


Time TRULY does fly! 

We biddin' farewell to 'nother BEA U TI FUL sunny season & lookin' ahead to cooler breezes & shorter days.  

Hope youse JAM-PACKED these last few months with Summer fun & ALL THINS' DINO! 

I'm sure youse did, pals. 

We're Dino-holics...that's what we do! Ha! 

Hard to believe, just the same. 

Time to trade in the pool swimmin' & sun-bakin' for apple pickin' & leaf-rakin'! Hahaha!!! 

Only a week or so,  left...& Autumn will be sneakin' on in. 

Catches us when we leasts expects it!  

We'll be ready though, pallies! 

We gonna store as MUCH summery memories as possible...keeps ALL those SWINGIN' Dino-tunes in mind... create a "go-to" section in our brains that will be  COM PLETE LY STUFFED with warm Dino thoughts!  

Dino-tunes & cookouts... Dino-tunes & fireworks... Dino-tunes & walks on the beach...O...did I mention the tunes? Yea...I did. Haha!! 

Well, mi amici...seems pretty obvious to me...that there's only ONE very special croon that can keep ALL these very special memories simmerin' on low...'til next year. 

"The Things We Did Last Summer", will be that life-line we can reach for when thins' get a wee bit too tough to bare...when the chilly weather seems to be hangin' 'round a little too long...when we find ourselves longin' for a sunny day & a yummy drink in the shade! 

Yea, pals...we'll be just fine. 

Just keep those hot Summer days in mind...& Dean is NEVER too far behind! 

Now go squeeze the last few drops outta this season...& I'll see youse next week for our Summer finale! 


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dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Danny-o, likes as summer slips 'way and we fall into matter the season our real reason for boldly bein' is surely singin' the potent praises of our lovin' leader, our one, our only Dino. Thanks for always bein' there for our weekly serenadin' session with our beautifully beloved DINO!