Sunday, June 06, 2021

Danny G's SPECIAL "Happy Birthday Dino" Sunday Serenade with Dino: " I love You For, Sentimental Reasons"

 Welcome back, mi amici! 

Thanks for stoppin' by our swingin' little pad! 

So, my friends, let's kick this week off with a GREAT BIG GIGANTICAL Happy Birthday Dino!!! Yay!!! 

How COMPLETELY cool is that our main man would be turnin' 104?! 

Crazy, I know! 

BTW, pals...the Turner Classic Movies channel (TCM) will be playin' Dino fliks all day monday in honor of Dean's BDay. Try to grab a few. 

So, Spring is slowly slippin' through my fingers...I just gots to thinkin' 'bout what the Summer will hold. 

Plenty of hot & humid days for sure. 

Some beachin' & poolin', obviously. 

But what else? 

Knowin' myself...not too much! Haha!! 

Nah. I'm more of a chill out kinda fella. Probably the way our bestest birthday boy, Dino was. 

We all read how he was more than happy just relaxin' on a golf course or watchin' tv at home. Yup, that was Dean...& that is me. 

I know...I know...I'm always lookin' for any & every little similarity 'tween Dino & myself. Haha!! 

But, hey! 

Why not?! 

Who better to compare to & model after? 

Am I right, pallies? 


And guess what else? When I'm chillin' & doin' ab so lute ly nothin'...I'm actually...usually...thinkin' 'bout my past. 

Yea, that's me too. 

Well, pals...just so happens...that as i'm ponderin' those days & years gone by...Dean seems to be in just 'bout every thought. 

The background music to my life. 

The people I've known. The places I've gone. They all seem to somehow have Dino attached. 

What can I say, my friends? I'm a Dino-holic! Haha!! 

He's my pal & my inspiration. 

A connectin' energy that links it ALL together. 

Today's Serenade..."I Love You, For Sentimental Reasons" one of those Dino-jams that goes through my thoughts all the time. 

Perfect background to my memories & PERFECTO to take me back to those GREAT GREAT easy goin' days. 

Let's check it out & see where it brings youse, mi amici. 

Maybe back to yesterday...Maybe takes you on a new journey forward! 

Either way, pallies...It's GREAT havin' Dino walkin' along with you! 

Happy Birthday, pallie...keep on croonin'! 


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