Sunday, May 30, 2021

Danny G's SPECIAL Memorial Day Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Think About Me"

 Welcome back, mi amici! 

Hard to believe 'nother Memorial Day has arrived. 

Man! These years must be gettin' shorter 'cause I swear I was just doin' this a few months back! 

O well, goes on...& so do we! 

We is hopin' anyway! Haha!! 

O, & by the way...I am NOT callin' this the "un-official start of Summer"! 

No sir! 

It is still Spring for 'nother WON DER FUL month, pals! Let's not rush this GREAT season off! Please, pallies! 

I'm beggin' youse! Haha!! 

Ok...let me gets down to Dino-business, here. 

This beautiful, extra long weekend, is all 'bout the 'memberin' of those precious souls who have come & gone, my friends. 

The memories of our veterens. 

Our family. 

Our friends. 

Of course...our Dino. 

The EXTRA special people who have sacrificed for us...Who have guided us...And who have made our lives better just because they were here. 

All the many, many brave peeps who helped us through the last year or so, of this awful virus! Thank God for them!

I can think of many, mi amici. I'm sure youse can as well.

Now, pals o' mine...Many of my own personal memories always seem to involve 2 of the coolest & funnest fellas, ever to walk the Earth! 

My Dad & Dean Martin. Ha! 

Man o man, pallies...these guys REALLY helped make me the Cool Cool cat I am today! Hahaha!!! 

Seriously though, mi amici...I owe a lot of fun & happy times to them both. 

Always had my one way or 'nother. Always made me feel invincible. And NEVER left my side. 

And, pals...let's not forget our fearless leader, Dino Martin Peters. 

We wouldn't be here, at the coolest blog on the "Net", without him. 

Today's Serenade, "Think About Me", is goin' out to ALL those who maybe gone from our sight...but NEVER from our hearts, souls & minds. 

Someday we will ALL be The Sands...watchin' Dino & the boys...laugin' & bein' foolish! 

Haha!! Now THAT'S a cool thought! 

Salute, Dad! Salute, DMP! Salute, Dino! Salute youse ALL! 

Enjoy, my friends! 

Happy Memorial Day!  

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