Sunday, August 06, 2017

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Magic Is The Moonlight"

People, PLEASE!!!

PLEASE...calm down!

There is NO NEED for hysterics!

This is pure Dino-outrage!

But...I knows what youse want!
I knows what youse demands!
The people have spoken!!!

Youse are INFURIATED & wonderin'..."Why hasn't Danny G. played any "Dino Latino" this entire Summer?!"

PLEASE, mi amici...give me 'nother satisfy this Cravin' of Latin-type Croon!

This Desire for Summery Spanishy Song!

This Longin' for Magical Midnight Moonlit Serenadin'!!!

I have seen the Dino-light, my friends!

How could I have been so blind?!
Maybe I was just SO SO caught up in ALL those Powerfully Passionate tunes...of Hot & Sultry clarinetin' coolness!

Those jams just take me away, pals!

Youse understand...right?!
O man o' man, pallies...Thank so much!

I just KNEW we could get through this!

Now, pals...I'm feelin' a real "Rumba" type tune will be the PERFECTO place to start.

A cool cool background beat.
Some gentle bongos, I'm thinkin'.

Ahhhhhhh...yes, my friends.

Cue those violins.
Some soft soft guitar & yes, pallies...that summery clarinet too.

All's we need now is Dean's laid back vocal...& we have pure pure magic!


Just add this to a moonlit August night & a glass of vino...& youse will see...just why they say..."Magic is the Moonlight".


Magic is the moonlight
On this lover's June night
As I see the moonlight
Shining in your eyes.

And this is the power
In this moonlit hour
Love begin to flower
This is paradise.

Living in the splendor
Of your kiss so tender
Make my heart surrender
To your love divine.

Magic is the moonlight
More than any June night
Magic is the moonlight
For it made you mine...


Always On Watch said...

Smooth listening -- perfect for this summer's night.

Thank you, Danny G.

Danny G. said...

My pleasure, my friend!