Sunday, August 13, 2017

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Home"

Ahhhhhhhh....what a day, pals. So So peaceful...this sunny, August mornin' is.

Gots' me in a REAL "at ease" kinda mood.

Nice breeze blowin' & Dino jams flowin'.

Purest serenity.

Dare I say it, pallies?
I thinks I feel a touch of Fall comin'.

Better get to the beaches quick, my friends! Haha!!

OK...OK...I'm jumpin' the Autumn gun here, a little.

Don't panic, people.
There's still plenty of poolside days left.

Lots more sandcastles to be built...& bucket loads of grandma's old fashioned potato salad! Hahaha!!!

All's I'm sayin' just blows my mind how these seasons come & damn quickly!
Maybe it's 'cause I live where I do.
Youse notice it more 'round here.

Creeps up on me...& one day I'll wake up & it's a whole different world outside! Haha!!

It's crazy really.

Anyways, mi's got me in that kinda mood.

Thinks I know a GREAT GREAT fit this week's Serenade.

I re-discovered it the other day while chillin' in my cellar.
My "man town".
Or as it's known in my "Dino town"! Ha!

Me & my boy-pallie, nick, were shootin' some darts...& we was spinnin' some vinyl Dean recordins'. 
Nick likes to flip the records.

So...I've been into "The Dean Martin TV Show" al b um lately.
And one of my NEW/OLD fave jams is DEF I NATE LY "Home".

Cool Cool tune, pals.

REAL smooth.

REALLY chill.

Soothin' lyrics that hung with me all week.
"Night covers all, and though fortune may forsake me, Sweet dreams will ever take me home."

Man...these words REALLY speak to me, my friends!

It's like Dino is sayin' "Hey, pallie...don't sweat thins' so much.
The Hell with it all.
Life's 'bout bein' happy!
Great mem'rys, pal.
Not money."

And let me tell youse...Ol' pals o' mine...Dean is SO SO right!


When shadows fall and leaves whisper the day is endin'
My thoughts are ever wanderin' home
When crickets call my heart is forever yearnin'
Once more to be returnin'.

When the hills can see the settin' sun
Stars begin to spark one by one
Night covers all and though fortune may forsake me
Sweet dreams will ever take me home.

Night covers all and though fortune may forsake me
Sweet dreams will ever take me home...


BlueisCoool said...

The summer train is still rolling along these days but everyone should get out and enjoy it while you can. As everyone in New England knows things chance and fast too. I had the great pleasure to be back home up north, even though it was only for a few days and I enjoyed every moment of it. I only wish it wasn't so cloudy but hey, I am not complaining. :-)

As always Danny G. you picked the perfect mid summer song from Dean, it is amazing no matter what time of the year or the mood of a person he has the perfect song just for it. :-)

Have a great week my friend.


Danny G. said...

Hey pallie, Scott! New England misses you for sure! Glad you got chance to visit for a bit. "Home" is such a smooth & calmin' tune...& I'm guessin' we ALL long to be back home every now & then. Take care, my friend!

Always On Watch said...

The tune sung by our Dino evokes peace -- something that all of us sorely need right now.

Always On Watch said...

I can hear in our Dino's voice how much home meant to him.

Danny G. said...

I couldn't agree more, Ms AOW! With both comments. Ciao, my friend!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Danny-o, sorry to be so tardy in patterin' on 'nother cooler then cool Dino-serenade, but wanted you to know that we are marvelously moved to send the beautiful bondin' happenin' 'tween your boypallie Nicky G. and yourself with our most beloved Dino front and center in your daddy-o/boypallie relationship...."Me & my boy-pallie, nick, were shootin' some darts...& we was spinnin' some vinyl Dean recordins'.
Nick likes to flip the records. Nother greater then the bondin' that comes from Dino-devotion shared by a Daddy-o and boypallie! Keeps lovin' 'n sharin' our most beloved Dino with us and fam G.!