Sunday, August 20, 2017

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "In Love Up To My Heart"

Howdy, my friends!

Giddy-up, youse little Dino-diggin' tumbleweeds! 

I reckon' it's 'bout time for a wee bit o' country croonin' from our GREAT GREAT pony ridin' pal, Tex Martin! Haha!! 

Yee Hawww, pallies! Hahaha!!!

It's long over due & I'm missin' that COOL COOL cowboy!

C'mon now!
I said Giddy-up & all that!

I'm tryin' here, pals! Haha!! I'm not much of horse saddler.
I'm still a BIG fan of Dean's country-type tunes!

Youse are too?

Let's get one spinnin'! 

This week's Serenade is off Dean's "The Nashville Sessions" al b um & as I've said here before...It's one of the ONLY country al b ums I actually dig!

Just not my bag, mi amici.

Well...let me take that back.
I actually do KINDA dig some of the "older" country jams.

Reminds me of my Dad & growin' up.
That was his thin'. Haha...good ol' Pop!

But...I'm just not into today's "newer" "country pop"...I'll call it.

But, hey...I digs ALL types of music & obviously EVERYTHIN' from our Dino!

Now...that bein' said..."In Love Up To My Heart" is a swingin' little number 'bout gettin' shot by Cupid's arrow...when youse least expects it, mi amici!

I guess we never know just where or when that little dude's bow is pointed straight at us...right between the eyes,  pals!!!

So...I suppose if even ol' Dino can be caught off-guard...this could happen to any of us!

Man o''s a crazy game we ALL gets to play...even us city-slicker cowboys! Haha!!

Enjoy pallies!!!

I always left some room to back away
Whenever love would get too close to me
I've always kept my feet on solid ground
And my head out of a cloud, no broken heart for me

But there you were, and there I was off-guard
Not able to protect me from your charm
And I felt myself fallin' further
Closer you got
And I fell in love up to my heart

I fell into love up to my heart
I couldn't stop myself, I went too far
I was standin' on the edge and then
Next thing I knew I had
Fallen in love up to my heart

I can feel myself fallin' more and more
And there's no use in fightin' anymore
'Cause you went to my head and
All my defenses fell apart
And here I am, in love up to my heart

I fell in love up to my heart
I couldn't stop myself, I went too far
I was standin' on the edge and then
Next thing I knew I had
Fallen in love up to my heart

I was standin' on the edge and then
Next thing I knew I had
Fallen in love up to my heart


Unknown said...

Great song Danny.

Always On Watch said...

Great tune!

Coincidentally, Jerry Lewis passed away today. Some of the lines in this song remind me of how their partnership was irresistible for both of them -- until the day came 10 years later that they broke up. They eventually reconciled; as a comedy team, they had fallen in love up to their hearts [metaphor!].

From the New York Times, August 20, 2017, tribute to Jerry Lewis -- a tribute which contains accolades to our Dino (emphases mine):

...The phenomenal rise of Martin and Lewis was like nothing show business had seen before. Partly this was because of the rise of mass media after the war, when newspapers, radio and the emerging medium of television came together to create a new kind of instant celebrity. And partly it was because four years of war and its difficult aftermath were finally lifting, allowing America to indulge a long-suppressed taste for silliness. But primarily it was the unusual chemical reaction that occurred when Martin and Lewis were side by side.

Mr. Lewis’s shorthand definition for their relationship was “sex and slapstick.” But much more was going on: a dialectic between adult and infant, assurance and anxiety, bitter experience and wide-eyed innocence that generated a powerful image of postwar America, a gangly young country suddenly dominant on the world stage.


During the 1976 telethon, Frank Sinatra staged an on-air reunion between Mr. Lewis and Mr. Martin, to the visible discomfort of both men. A more lasting reconciliation came in 1987, when Mr. Lewis attended the funeral of Mr. Martin’s oldest son, Dean Paul Martin Jr., a pilot in the California Air National Guard who had been killed in a crash. They continued to speak occasionally until Mr. Martin died in 1995....

In the end, the hearts of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis were bonded together, some 30 years after the comedy team broke up.

This evening, I like to think of Martin & Lewis together now up in heaven -- making everyone doubling over with laughter. Martin & Lewis -- what a comedy team!

BlueisCoool said...

It really is amazing that Dean was not afraid to take music in all different directions instead of just the same ole same ole. A great sounding song with a Texas ring to it, I love it. A perfect selection for the summer time Danny G.!

Have a great week.


Danny G. said...

Gotta agree, pals! Great jam & special meaning after the passin' of Jer. It truly was a SPECIAL thin' they had! Will never 'gain see a team equal to Martin & Lewis. Raisin' a glass to them tonight! RIP Jer! You were great!!!