Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Ed's Epistle: Top 20 Dino Songs

So starting to plan the big trip to Steubenville Ohio for THE 100 Year Celebration of the life and time of our Dino Martin! 

I will be trying my best to document, photo, and share the experience the best I can. We the blog will be one stop shop place to be for getting your share of information for the biggest Dino-Event this side of his passing.

In the mean time, I've been challenged to put together a Top 20 Dino Tune’s list. What a wonderful, difficult, emotionally draining, inspiring and thought provoking challenge it has been! And may I add a very mean challenge pally! Oh the decisions. So difficult. Been easier if  it were a top 50 list!

To be clear, my list of Top 20 Dino Tune’s aren’t necessarily based on billboard charts, awards won, or culturally popular the song may or may not have been. My list is based on MY favorites, which is based mostly on memories and personal tastes. 
Not to be judged strictly on popularity, for that list would be automatically generated on any greatest hits CD or album ever produced. (Holiday songs omitted on purpose)

Without further delay, here is Ed's Epistles Top 20 Dino Songs!
1.       In the Chapel in the Moonlight
2.       Houston
3.       Tik-A-Tee, Tik-A-Tay
4.       Sway
5.       I’m Yours
6.       Volare
7.       Everybody Loves Somebody
8.       Bumming Around
9.       Just Say I Love Her
10.   Make It Rain
11.   In The Misty Moonlight
12.   Every Minute Every Hour
13.   I Can’t Help Remembering You
14.   Bumming Around
15.   From The Bottom Of My Heart
16.   Take Me In Your Arms
17.   There’s No Tomorrow
18.   I Will
19.   Come Back to Sorrento
20.   Just One More Chance


dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes how cool of youse Eddie-o to take up the challenge to share with all us Dino-holics your particular fav Dino-croons on this eve of our month long centennial celebration of The Day That Coolness Came To Earth. We are most grateful seein' how youse have been so so busy with work at late, as well as findin' time for your lady and young boypallies as well. We wait with bated breath to read each and every word youse will share with us as you pilgrimage to Stu-ville for Dino-fest 2017! keeps lovin' 'n sharin' our most most beloved Dino!

Danny G. said...

Hey o man...that is one SWINGIN' list, pal! ALL great choices & tunes that I too totally dig! Thanks for takin' the time to put together & share! Can't wait to hear from you from Dino-town USA! Have a GREAT time , my Dino diggin' brother!

Always On Watch said...

Cool list of your favorite Dino tunes, Ed!

My list of my Top 20 would be different, of course. Oh, I agree with some of your choices, but I have choices of my own.

The beauty of our Dino's work -- so much to choose from!

We are so lucky that he has given us such a large body of work -- and in different styles, too.

Always On Watch said...

And I can hardly wait to see what you have to share from Steubenville!

How I wish that I could go! Not possible, unfortunately.