Friday, May 26, 2017

But after the split, Dean more than held his own--in fact, he probably out-performed his old pal Jer in the long run

Hey pallies, likes it's our proud pleasure to be able to introduce all youse Dino-holics to yet 'nother beautiful blog new-to-ilovedinomartin where our most beloved Dino has been lovin'ly lifted up.  Through the eager efforts of our pallies at Twingly Advanced Blog search we takes you to the interestin'ly tagged blog "Pajama Guy" where a bunch of 8 guys from 'round the USA share their personal perspectives on a variety of issues.

In their most recent post dude tagged LAGuy created a post tagged "Team Work" where he accents how a variety of comedy duos who did magic together, eventually split up and how each one did on their own.  While three of the examples are duos from the past 30 years ago or less, LAGuy wisely begins his prose rememberin' the comedy duo of duos, our most beloved Dino and his most beloved partner Mr. Jerry Lewis.

Likes, we are perfectly pleased that LAGuy chose to use an incredible image of our Dino starrin' in the blockbuster big screen epic "Airport," where his work garnered our Dino a cool 7 mil.  They sez a picture is worth a thousand words, and this particular pose reminds all us Dino-holics of just how swankly successful our Dino was as an actor on the silver screen.  And, likes LAGuy's terrific thoughts on our Dino speaks of his stunnin' success as "a major movie star, TV star and recording star" followin' his split with Mr. Lewis.

It's 'nother remarkable reminder of just how amazin'ly awesome our main man...and the huge heights he obtained in the wonderful world of entertainment after he made the break with Mr. Jerry Lewis.
We thanks Mr. LAGuy for sharin' this delightful Dino-truth with his readership and surely helpin' more and more pallies grow in there lastin' love of our King of Cool.  To checks this out in it's original source, and to read 'bout the other comedy duos he shares, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.

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Team Work

When show biz duos break up, they often claim they're still friends.  Still, don't they keep score to see who's doing better?

One of the biggest breakups ever was Martin and Lewis, who ruled show biz from 1946 to 1956.  Jerry Lewis was generally considered the big talent, while Dean Martin a decent straight man and singer.  But after the split, Dean more than held his own--in fact, he probably out-performed his old pal Jer in the long run, becoming a major movie star, TV star and recording star, still on top after Jerry's film career had petered out. (Though Lewis did do everything on his films--acting, writing, directing--creating something that was unique.)


BlueisCoool said...

I really think both men brought something very important to the table so to speak, I think when they were together they were both equals. They each complimented the other and of course they had something special together, which is a very rare thing in the entertainment world. While they both continued to be major stars after there split I believe that Dean mite have had even more talent then Jerry since everything Dean touched was a major success. What is a shame of course is that the split was so bad that both men were estranged for most of there lives until near the end. If they somehow managed to have remained friends earlier who knows what they mite have done together later in life. At least they were able to bridge there differences and become friends once again, too many people are not as lucky as them.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Scotty-o, these are 'specially most thoughtful and reflective, most wise and wonderful words on our most beloved Dino and his most beloved partner, Mr. Jerry Lewis. We are awesomely appreciate of your commitment to growin' deeper and deeper in Dino and sharin' your powerful passion for our great great man here at our humble little ilovedinomartin home pad. Hopes you have a fabulously fun long weekend and, of course, we energetically encourage you to keeps lovin' our most beloved Dino!