Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Dean Martin / Rat Pack Memorabilia

Hey pallies, likes as the hundredth anniversary of our most beloved Dino's descent to earth draweth nigh, have we got a great great Dino-giftin' idear for all youse Dino-holics to consider...for yourself or for 'nother pallie deeply devoted to our Dino!

Likes our pallies at Twingly Advanced Blog search sent us over to Ebay where a cool collector of King of Cool treasure is offerin' a precious portion of their collection for sale.   This Dino-treasure included 27---count 'em---27 great great pieces of Dino-memorabilia and the swank seller has uploaded a dozen incredible images for our Dino-perusal.

As you will note, this sweet stuff includes mags, pixs, paperback, decals, posters, and even the commemorative Dino 'n Jerry tape dispensers!  Likes as the seller states, "A great start for anyone looking to collect Dean Martin or Rat Pack memorabilia or to help complete your collection."  The price of this fantastic find of Dino-delight....$184.99!  To properly checks out this Dino-offerin', simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-gram to gets to the Ebay page.  We knows that we woulda be deeply deeply Dino-delighted to have this treasure trove of Dino-abilia for our very own, and what Dino-phile 'mong us wouldn't?!?!?!?!?!?!

We remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

Dean Martin / Rat Pack Memorabilia Lot
27 Items Total! TV Guides, Magazines, Arcade Cards Etc.

Price:US $184.99

Huge Dean Martin / Rat Pack Lot

27 Items Total

A great start for anyone looking to collect Dean Martin or Rat Pack memorabilia or to help complete your collection

All items come from a smoke / pet free home and have been on display in a museum quality case with proper lighting

Items Included are:

1. Dean Martin / Jerry Lewis Tuck Tape (Best condition on EBay!)

(7) Arcade Cards (2. D. Martin, 3. F.Sinatra, 4. Jerry Lewis, 5. Ava Gardner, 6. Jimmy Stewart, 7. Perry Como, 8. Peter Lawford)

9. Rio Bravo 8 x 10 candid photo on heavy cardboard stock (John Wayne, Ricky Nelson, Dean)

10. 5 Card Stud paperback novel 1967

11. Dean / Jerry Star Cal Decal

12. Dean, Frank and Sammy Posterpop sticker 2002 (Can be removed from frame)

13. Dean and Frank with daughters Christmas Card 2002 (Can be removed from frame)

14. Picture Frame with an advertisement portraying Dean (60's and original, Very rare!)

15. 8x10 matted print with Dean, Sammy and Frank (Great Art!)

16. and 17. (2) Life Magazines August 13, 1951 (Fully intact with normal wear)

18. January 1968 Edition of TV Picture Life (Dean's family photo on front, Great Condition!)

19. April 1970 Edition of Mirror TV Radio (Dean on cover)

20. November 1970 Edition of Mirror TV Radio (Dean on cover)

21. TV Guide December 14, 1963 #559 (Dean, Bing Crosby and Frank)

22. TV Guide April 2, 1966 #679 (Dean Smiling)

23. TV Guide February 18, 1967 #725 (Dean with the Golddiggers)

24. TV Guide September 28, 1968 #809 (Dean Laughing)

25. TV Guide July 18, 1970 #903 (Golddiggers)

26. Texas Across The River 27x41 1 Sheet Poster

27. 5 Card Stud Poster 27x41 1 Sheet Poster

Please be sure to look closely at the pics and if you have any questions regarding a particular item's condition feel free to ask

I am sizing down my Dean collection and would love to find a great home for lot of items for someone else to enjoy

Thanks for looking!


Unknown said...

What a nice collection! A wonderful way to start a collection, or to add on to an existing one!

Danny G. said...

Awesome stuff, pal! I'll give my mailin' address to anyone interested in sendin' this SWEET collection my way! Haha!!

Always On Watch said...

Great collector's items!

I so hope that these items find Dino-loving homes.

Always On Watch said...

Oh, it's one collection -- so it needs one Dino-loving home. Hope that happens!

Always On Watch said...

Still looking at all these items. Two I've never seen before: the tuck tape and the Dino/Jerry decal. I've never before seen those items!