Sunday, May 28, 2017

Danny G's SPECIAL Memorial Day Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Think About Me"

Welcome back, pals & Happy Memorial Day to all!
SO SO happy to be here!

Well mi amici...It's that special time of year when we take a look back.
Back at ALL those who have come & gone.

Those who have touched our lives in the MOST special ways & have sacrificed to make our world a better place.

I thinks its only appropriate, ol' pals o' mine, to dedicate this week's Serenade to them.

 Now pallies...I can only speak for myself...but I can't thinks of many people who have helped me through life's ups & much as our mostest faithful of friends, Dino!

He's been there with me to share the great great times...& he's helped me through those blue blue days, as well.

"Think About Me" is just 'nother gift from our "ever present" pal...remindin' us...that no matter what this crazy life hands us...we have a WON DER FUL eternity waitin' for us all!

That's what I thinks it's tellin' us anyways, pallies. we go! 

Let's get this great great tune rollin'...with a happy thought in mind!

I'm picturin' this eternity to be filled with friends & family...yummy drinks flowin'...& our bestest pal Dean playin' a nightly show at the Sands!

Ahhh now THAT'S my kinda eternity! Haha!!

 Happy Memorial Day, pals!


Think about me whenever you're lonely
Think about me whenever you're blue
Think about me when you have heartaches
Think about me thinking bout you
In the evening when the sun sets and blue shadows fall
All through the starry night till another day calls
I'll be a waitin' for eternity waitin' for you to return to me
(Think about me) when you have heartaches
(Think about me) thinking bout you
(Think about me)


Eds Epistle said...

Wonderful tune Danny! Top shelf!!

Danny G. said...

Glad you liked, pal! Have a great week!

Always On Watch said...

Danny G,
The perfect Dino tune for Memorial Day!

Danny G. said...

Thanks Ms AOW! Hopin' it found you in good spirits!