Friday, July 15, 2016

Our Mod Mod Dino At His Swingin' Best With The Everly Brothers

The Everly Brothers -  Mama Tried & Medley 1970 Dean Martin
Hey pallies, likes what coulda we share today that woulda even come close to the complete cool of yesterday's Dino-gram from our pallie Gilligan over at "Retrospace" 'bout our most beloved Dino havin' a "Change of Wife?"  Well, we've been waitin' for many many months to share today's delightful Dino-treasure with all youse Dino-addicts, and we think NOW is the positively perfect point of doin' so!

Likes quite a while back our deeply-devoted-to-Dino pallie who tags himself "Deanspalley" put us on to a youtube vid of one of the swingiest of swingin' marvelous musical moments from the Dino-show that immediately has become one of our fabulous fav moments of the nine year run of the Dean Martin Variety Show.  As you see above from the gif we crafted, it's our King of Cool makin' music with country-influenced rock and roll singers of the day, "The Everly Brothers."

We are simply over the top with deeply diggin' our Dino and the bros coolly croonin'  "Bye Bye Love" 'long with the Hank William's Jr. standard "Your Cheating Heart," and finishin' off with a reprise of "Bye Bye Love."  Dino's awesome action with the boys begins 'bout two minutes into the clip as the brothers sing "Mama Tried" in the openin' moments.

Likes this is THE purely perfect, extraordinary example of our Dino's deepest desire to, as he was quoted,  "put the accent on youth"...and the beautiful  beginnin's of his transformation makin' his personal persona a million times coolly congruent with his performance persona.  This  swankest of swank segment  was shown on the Dino-show on November 5, 1070 and intensely illustrates how our Dino had absolutely awesomely energetically embraced the mod culture of the time.

We deeply digs the totally with it threads that our Dino is wearin' collar shirt with that grooviest of groovy plaid sports coat.  And, this vid clip also illuminates our Dino growin' his hair longer with the longish sideburns and likes the change of hair colorin'  as well.

Likes seein' this clip brought to mind a powerful pix of our King of Cool makin' the scene at the Candy Store Discotheque with Miss Cathy Hawn that we had share long time 'go here at ilovedinomartin and doin' a little Dino-searchin' we share it below with the delightful details.  Likes to view our original post that included this incredible image, clicks  HERE.

 BEVERLY HILLS,CA - APRIL 7: Actor/Singer Dean Martin and Catherine Hawn on April 7, 1970 leaving the Candy Store in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Ron Galella/WireImage)

Likes you will note that this coolest of cool candid was shot 'bout seven months before the Everly Brothers segment was shown on the Dino-show. So, the plaid sport coat was from our Dino's personal wardrobe.  We coulda view this particular vid clip twenty-four seven 'cause as we keeps mentionin' dudes, the '70's Dino-era is our fav of favs 'cause our most beloved Dino likes put into fast action the swinger image that he for so long had portrayed in his multifaceted  career.

So, likes sits back and enjoys our swingin' Dino swingin' with the Everly Brothers.  Checks out all the swingin' moves our main man makes with his body includin' his ever present Kent cigarette between his fingers.

Hats off to our pallie of pallies Deanspalley for puttin' us on to this vibrant vid of our Dino at his swinger best.

We remain,

Yours In Dino,

Dino Martin Peters


Always On Watch said...

So, the plaid sport coat was from our Dino's personal wardrobe.

I wonder how often that our Dino did that.

Danny G. said...

Very cool vid & 70s swingin' styles! Dino Alwsys was into cuttin edge fashion!

BlueisCoool said...

It looks like Dean was living large in the 70's from the Candy Store all the way to our living rooms. A great find and posting once again DMP, thank you my friend.

Have a wonderful week.