Sunday, July 31, 2016

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Where Can I Go Without You?"

Welcome back, mi amici!
So VERY nice to see youse!
 So VERY nice see ALL Dean's pals cravin' more & more croonin'. 
Truly gives me such a COOL COOL vibe sharin' these COOL COOL jams with my fellow Dino-holics.
 Week after week...month after month...& year after year! TRULY inspires me to keep the Dino-flow flowin' & keep the Dino-movement growin'! Haha!! 
Now, pallies...if youse been diggin' these Summertime tunes we been sharin', these last couple of weeks...then youse is gonna be TOTALLY Dino-delighted once 'gain!
Can't seem to get away from these "slow & easy" kinda songs. They just fit the season, pals.

Today's Serenade, "Where Can I Go Without You?", was plucked from my own personal FAVE Dino vinyl..."The Lush Years".
 Can't go wrong with ANY tune from this one, my friends! It's just pure Dino-perfection!

 Let's jump right into this one, pallies!
 Let Dean take youse on his eternal flight.
 He's wunderin' & wonderin'...not sure what lies ahead...just floatin'.
Grab hold of his star, pals!
Shoot through the skies with Dino!
It's a never endin' journey. "Senza Fine"...without end!
 We'll do it together! Us & Dino!
Stop for a drink on any random cloud...then we're off!
 Hold on tight, pallies!

I went to London town
Then on to Paris for the fun I could find
I've found I couldn't leave my memories behind
Where can I go without you
Tries seeing Singapore but that wouldn't do
Went to Vienna but I found you there too
Even in Switzerland your memory came through
Where can I go without you
I want to travel, I wanted romance
I chased that rainbow across the sea
I'm tired of faces and quaint old places
If you can't be there with me
Back on that boat again and farewell to France
Farewell to London town, they haven't a chance
I'll trade the sights I've seen for one loving glance
Where can I go without you


Always On Watch said...

Should it be I went to London town to make up my mind?

Always On Watch said...

Um, "to clear up my mind."

PS: Love that clarinet solo!

BlueisCoool said...

What a great sounding song Danny G. and one i don't think i herd before, but who knows. lol. You are a on a great streak my friend with hit after hit and just perfect for the mid summer. Thank you once again for all your hard work!

Have a great week!


Always On Watch said...

Danny G rocks!

Danny G. said...

You are sharp, Ms AOW! And ab so lute ly correct! I need a new proof reader! Haha!!
Glad your diggin' the summery Dino-jams, Scotty my pal. Hope FLA is treatin' youse great! See youse next week! Ciao!

Always On Watch said...

Danny G,
I've made my living as a proofreader for 40+ years. I'm a teacher. :^)

Locus Ceruleus Media said...

Just a general expression of admiration for this here website which to my mind does more to keep Dino's spirit alive than more or less anything out there. I might be being a little presumptuous, but I bet if our great man was around to see it he'd be very proud. Thanks for being one of my favorite pads on the internet and long may you continue. Cheers!

Always On Watch said...

Love your comment.