Wednesday, July 20, 2016

...... but one thing’s for sure… it’s Dean Martin time, damn it!

Hey pallies, likes welcome back to Day Three of  Dino-inspiration from the potent pen of the unknown Dino-holic who beautifully blogs at "The Prudent Groove."  Today's playful prose is tagged " NO… I’M THE ONE WHO LOVES YOU!" and is accentin' the Dino-record of  almost the same tag "DEAN MARTIN (REMEMBER ME) I'M THE ONE WHO LOVES YOU."

This time 'round our prudent groover has some fantastic fun with the slight difference between two al-bum covers of this Dino-release.  This dude quires the evocative Dino-question, "which Deano Martino loves you more?"  And this dude's attempt to answer his own question certainly puts a huge Dino-buddha grin on our faces with his playfully provocative pronouncements.

And, of course, the Prudent Groove comes to the coolest of cool Dino-resolution by powerfully proclaimin' "The great debate continues… but one thing’s for sure… it’s Dean Martin time, damn it!"
This is one Dino-phile that we woulda loves to hang with 'cause he has such a wonderful way of usin' wit 'n wisdom to celebrate his awesome adulation of our one and only Dino.

ilovedinomartin thanks the Prudent Groove for this third installment of the purest of pure, deepest of deep delight in our most beloved Dino, and we are hopin' that we will have many many more opportunities to return to your blog that so coolly 'n creatively is liftin' up the name of our one, our only Dino.  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-report.

We remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

by The Prudent Groove


The great debate continues… which Deano Martino loves you more? Is it left Deano, or right Deano? They both claim to offer their affection, so which do you choose? And by choosing one over the other, do you then set a precedent for the “less than” Deano? I mean, does he then attempt to love you more, or does he go in the other direction and abandon you all together, figuring your choice, or favor rather, for the “other” Deano is just too much to bear and isolation is better than the heartache of rejection?

The great debate continues… but one thing’s for sure… it’s Dean Martin time, damn it!


Danny G. said...

Hahaha!!! This guy is VERY into the Dino-vibe! I thinks we is ALL on the same Dino-planet! Haha!!

BlueisCoool said...

This will be debated to the end of time which Dean do you like best? It is funny that both are the same yet different and i have to admit i like them both. Another great post DMP, thank you for your continued hard work in bring everything Dean our way.

Have a great week.