Saturday, July 02, 2016

Celebratin' Independence Day While Declarin' Dino-dependency

Hey pallies, likes we here at ilovedinomartin wishes a Happy Independence Day to all our pallies in the good ol' US of A as the Fourth Of July awesomely  approacheth. Likes as has becometh our cool custom here at our humble little Dino-blog, we wanna once 'gain share one of our most fav Dino-clip songs likes that is oh, oh, so so amazin'ly  appro for the celebratin' of liberty. From the classic drama flick "Ada," we brings youse our most most beloved Dino playin' Bo Gillis, politician extraordinare, runnin' for governor and wondrously  wooin' and charismatically  cooin' the masses  with his  croonin' "May The Lord Bless You Real Good."

Likes, the wondrously wise  notion of any state or for that matter nation bein' likes totally totally  dependant on our Dino for runnin' the action....likes how awesomely  amazin'ly wisely  wonderful likes woulda that be pallies?!?!?!?!?!....'cause while we completely celebrate livin'  in a nation founded on independence, all true Dino-holics likes proudly proclaim our likes total total Dino-dependance!

Enjoys celebratin' with parades,sparkles, some liquid libations and, likes of course, mucho mucho Dino delights!!!!!     We will return to fuller Dino-activity when and where possible.

We remain,

Deeply deeply dependent on our one, our only Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

May The Lord Bless You Real Good Bo Gillis


Always On Watch said...

Our Dino rarely sang hymns -- or songs approaching the hymn genre.

That said, this tune from "Ada" is perfectly delivered -- and perfect for our nation's birthday.

We are indeed blessed to be living in America, and I seem to recall our Dino and the Duke opining alone those lines on one of our Dino's episodes of his variety show.

BlueisCoool said...

A very happy fourth of July to everyone on 'ilovedinomartin'! It is hard to believe that this holiday is here once again as we race through summer. You made a perfect choice DMP for the one, i really love this DM tune! Thank you for your hard work in bringing this gem our way!

Have a great week.