Sunday, July 03, 2016

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "It Just Happened That Way"

Welcome back, mi amici!
 What a GREAT day it is, pals!
Friday's reappearance of our fearless leader, DMP, has put a new wind in my sails!
 I'm SURE I speaks for ALL followers of our Ultra-cool blog...when I say we is HOPIN' & PRAYIN' for his quick return & the best possible outcome with whatever troubles life has thrown his way!
He is our friend among friends & our Dino-diggin' brother!
We are here...carryin' the Dean Martin torch & will wait...patiently...for his one of a kind presence!

Now, pals o DMP spoke does indeed nail us with surprises.
 Some good.
Some not.
We can only do our own personal best dealin' with the not so good ones.
It takes time.
It takes strength.
 Not always thins' we have on our side, pallies.
 Can only do our best.
The rest is up to the man upstairs, I believe.
So, let's stay positive, my friends. Take what life hands us...good & bad...& just do our best!
Dean will help us usual...with great jams, a light heart & his cool cool easy ways.
 Just follow his lead...the best youse can.

 Today's Serenade seems to fit just right.
 "It Just Happened That Way" is ALL 'bout acceptin' these "unplanned" thins' for what they are.
We can't always make tomorrow  exactly how we want it to be, pals.
We can only try to go with that "Dino flow" & hope for the best.

Have a HAPPY & SAFE 4th, mi amici!

I didn't plan to fall in love with you it just happened that way
And all the time inside my heart I knew that I'd regret it some day
Now I can't stand to be away from you but I'm alone every day
I didn't plan to fall in love with you it just happened that way

I saw you and I loved you why I I'll never know
There wasn't one chance in a million that our love would grow
You were too far above me any fool could plainly see
But like driftwood on the river I floated on helplessly

I didn't plan to fall in love with you...

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Always On Watch said...

I second what you said about DMP!

A happy 4th to all here -- the best Dino site on the web.