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Even from the great beyond, Dino's legacy continues!

Hey pallies, likes here's a Dino-blast from the past.  On September 14, 2009, we shared a special post, "a Dinolicious new romantic comedy" by  author Miss Janice Thompson,  who had scribed a work of fiction tagged "Fools Rush In" that accented our most beloved Dino in a major way includin' havin' each chapter of said tome named for one of our Dino's fabulous croons...and, likes of course as you will note even the title is tagged for one of our great man's great tunes!

Well, likes through some extend google blog searchin' we just stumbled 'pon an October 12, 2009 post by Miss Thompson at her blog-related-to-her-series, "Weddings BY Bella,"  where she tells the story of how our humble little ilovedinomartin blog requested her to do a special post on her Dino-related novel........and she includes the link to where it is found at ilovedinomartin.  We find that very refreshin'...always always thrilled to find others helpin' devotees of our most beloved Dino find their way to our Dino-home!

We are most struck by a couple of comments that Miss Janice makes in her post:  (1) "Here's a funny story of how God has used Dean Martin to market FOOLS RUSH IN." (2) " Even from the great beyond, Dino's legacy continues!"  The first is a powerfully provocative thought, and the second an excitin'ly evocative thought indeed.

We very very belatedly thanks Miss Janice Thompson for her nice nod to ilovedinomartin and our help in gettin' her Dino-related tome publicized.  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.  Dino-always, ever, and only, DMP


Crooning the Tunes of Dean Martin

Happy Monday, everyone! If you've read FOOLS RUSH IN, you know there's an ongoing feud between Aunt Rosa and Uncle Laz over who's the better singer, Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin. What you might not have noticed, is that every chapter title in the book is a Dino song title. That's right! I did a lot of research on Dean Martin before writing the book (and, of course, have been a fan since childhood). In fact, I recently watched an infomercial for the old Dean Martin show and laughed until I had tears in my eyes.

Here's a funny story of how God has used Dean Martin to market FOOLS RUSH IN. Several weeks ago a reviewer posted a review of the book (a very positive one, I should add). In it, she mentioned my passion for Dean Martin. Another blogger, who happens to run a Dean Martin site, received a google alert about my book because of the "Dean Martin" connection. He did a write-up of my book and ended up asking me to post an article, which I did here: Even from the great beyond, Dino's legacy continues!

Because I know SO many of my readers are Dean Martin fanatics, I thought it would be fun to share our comments/thoughts about his music. Please let me know which Dino song (or movie) is your favorite. . .and why. I'm going to start with mine. I adore "Mambo Italiano" - which I listened to repeatedly while writing FOOLS RUSH IN. You will find a You Tube link here:

Now it's your turn! Send in those comments, along with another other Dino thoughts/photos you might want to share!

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