Sunday, October 05, 2014

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Duetin' with Dino" - "Sam's Song"

Welcome back mi amici!
Hey it just me or is this rainy Fall weather gots youse feelin' a little bit gloomy?! Hopefully, skies are sunny where youse at...but here in good ol'  Massachusetts.....   Man o Man...could I use a REAL "pick me up"!

Well guess what pallies...I figured out the AB SO LUTE perfecto anecdote for ANY case of those rainy day blues!
"DUETIN" with DINO"!!! Hahaha!!!

This week's Serenade, "Sam's Song", will not ONLY lift your spirts, will get youse hummin' it's happy happy tune!!! Hahaha! O man...thins' are lookin' up already!!!
 Nothin' I LOVES better...than watchin' & listenin' to our BESTEST pal havin' fun with one of his BESTEST pals! Gets me in SUCH A GREAT GREAT MOOD!!!

Look pallies...we ALL gets a little down sometimes. Maybe even WAAAAY down sometimes. But BELIEVE me pallies...NOTHIN' is worth your happiness! There's ALWAYS a silver linin' & remember that ALL thins' will eventually pass! Even those gloomy doomy days. Right?! Right!

 Ok. Let's get the tunes flowin'! Crank up those laptops! Blow those blues right out the window!!! Dean don't play that game! Hahaha!!! Enjoy!

[DM] Here's a happy tune [SD] A happy tune
[DM] You'll love to croon [SD] You love to croon
[DM] They call it Dean's song [SD] Hey, you don't seem to understand
[DM] Catchy as can be [SD] I must agree
[DM] The melody [SD] The melody
[DM] They call it Dean's song [SD] Looks like I'm gonna have to explain this thing

[SD] You don't dig this scene
[SD] I'm saying, Dean, the song is Sam's song
[DM] Sam, you're just a ham [SD] But Dean here's the scam
[SD] The song was named after Sam
[DM] Sam who?
[SD] Sam Houston
[DM] Oh

[DM] May I say with pride where I reside
[DM] They call it Dean's song [SD] And that's quite a group you got going for you
[DM] There's no bigger choir that you could hire for singing Dean's song
[SD] They make the Mormon Tabernacle sound like a trio
[DM] Sam it's plain to see that you're put out with me
[SD] Well I'm not just singing along
[DM] Tell you what I'll do since I'm with you

[DM] We'll call it Clyde's song [SD] Clyde's song?

[DM] Here's a happy tune
[SD] Its a sweet melody and I'm happy to say it was named after me but he's calling it
[DM] Clyde's song
[DM] Catchy as can be
[SD] No I don't like to beef and I'm sorry to say the man is a thief 'cause he's calling it
[DM] Clyde's song

[DM] Nothing on your mind
[SD] There's a lot on my mind and I'm standing here saying you're being unkind 'cause you're calling it
[DM] Clyde's song

[SD] My Italian friend we have reached the end
[DM] We don't seem to blend
[DM] Sam, let's compromise
[SD] Oh, I hear what you say but by that do you mean that you'll do it your way and call it
[DM] Sam's song

[SD] Did he say Sam's song?
[Both] Let's give the ending a rhyme
[DM] But don't nobody tell Clyde
[Both] That the name of this song [DM] is Sam's song
[SD] It's not Irving's song
[DM] Sam's song
[SD] It's not even Mona's song
[DM] Sam's song
[SD] Only thing I know is when this record comes out it better have Sam's song on it or else you'll get a nasty letter from Calhoun and a telephone call too
[DM] Hmmm I'm thinking you're starting to get dirty over there 

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BlueisCoool said...

As a Massachusetts resident too i can relate to being a bit down with all the cloudy and showery weather we have received of late. And there is more rain on the way. But we really do need it.

What a great selection and song to life everyones spirits up!

Thank you for your hard work as always!

Have a nice week.