Monday, February 22, 2010

Rapper Reason Idolizes Our Dino

Hey pallies, likes what can I say....I am likes totally Dino-pumped dudes. Durin' this month of Dino-amore, I have been likes so so pleased to share with you such a wide diversity of Dino-devotees, showin' so much Dino-amore!!!! On this Dino-day, February 22, our Dino will be gettin' much lovin' from the 'Vegas crowd as he and the frankie gets stars on the 'Vegas Walk Of Stars." Hopes to have much Dino-info on this important Dino-celebration in a few, but whiles we wait, gotta shares with you a cool tale of youthful Dino-passion. Rememberin' how much our Dino loves to put the accent on youth, it gives me no end to the Dino-pleasure of sharin' with you one of today's up and comin' youthful entertainers who proudly proclaims our Dino as his idol.

Who is this Dino-emulatin' guy....none other then 26 year old rapper, Reason. Hailin' from Orlando, now based in Los Angeles, Reason has proclaimed our Dino as his the words of his bio below....."Much like his idol, Reason plans to do everything with a sense of coolness, class, and sophistication. The kind of qualities that made Dean Martin a legend."

We thank the pallies at the "HIPHOPLEAD" pad for puttin' us on to Reason and his deep Dino-devotion. To read 'bout him in the original post, just clicks on the tagg of this Dino-gram to goes there. Likes I am so so totally Dino-psyched to learn of 'nother of today's up and comin' musical artists who is head over heals in devotion to our Dino. Dino-forever, DMP

Reason – Life Of A Star

Artist Name : Reason
Genre : Hip-Hop/Rap/Pop
Year formed : 2003
Hometown : Orlando, FL
Website :
Myspace :
Label Type : Unsigned
Featured Track : Life Of A Star Ft. Raz

They said that Dean Martin was the “King of Cool,” and they were probably right. It takes a certain type of person to become the center of attention the way he did. It’s the kind of person that Orlando, FL raised, Los Angeles based rapper Reason idolizes.

“Old Hollywood” seemed like light-years away for Reason, growing up and honing his craft in a place that’s better known for Mickey Mouse than music. But that was never a deterrent for the young talent, who eventually found himself rapping for Diddy on MTV’s “Making The Band 2″. After appearing on video game soundtracks, performing all across the world, and releasing critically-acclaimed mixtapes, Reason finally decided to further emulate his idol by moving to Los Angeles.

Now at age 26, Reason has matured into a natural entertainer and showman, with Rat Pack-like charisma and style. He’s on the brink of releasing his debut EP “The Cool Graduate” and the music video for his single “Life of a Star,” a track that certifies him as a Hip-Hop crooner extraordinaire.

The budding rapper/screenwriter plans on taking the entertainment industry by storm, with great music, television, and film projects in the works. Much like his idol, Reason plans to do everything with a sense of coolness, class, and sophistication. The kind of qualities that made Dean Martin a legend. Something that Reason hopes to one day become.

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