Friday, February 19, 2010

Our Dino Featured In Oscar Nominated Short Flick

Hey pallies, the Dino-love is flowin' all over the place. From a variety of sources I have discovered that our Dino singin' one of his lesser known, but really cool, tunes, "Good Morning Life" is featured in an Oscar nominated featured short flick tagged "logorama."From the web pad, "designboom" you can see a graphic and read the description of the flick below. (To checks it out in it's original format, just click on the tagg of this Dino-post.)

And courtesy of youtube below is also a clip of the opennin' of the short that features our Dino singin' "Good Morning Life." Oh, how I hopes this feature short wins an Oscar! Think what that woulda mean to the mission of spreadin' the Dino-message. Kukos to the very creative French team H5 for this cool concept flick that creatively uses the talents of our Dino!!!

You just never know where our Dino willa turn up next....and the Dino-devotion and Dino-love likes just continues to Dino-grow and Dino-glow. Enjoy pallies! Dino-discoverin', DMP

H5: logorama

logorama is a short film by the french collective H5, which visualizes and explores the way that logos are increasingly embedded in our existence. after winning the kodak prix at the cannes film festival this year logorama is being screened at various international locations in the coming months.

'logorama presents us with an over-marketed world built only from logos and real trademarks that are destroyed by a series of natural disasters (beginning with a hurricane, cyclone, tidal wave...). logotypes are used to describe an alarming universe (similar to the one that we are living in) with all the graphic signs that accompany us everyday in our lives. this over-organized universe is violently transformed by the cataclysm becoming fantastic and absurd. it shows the victory of the creative against the rational, where nature and human fantasy triumph.'

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