Sunday, February 14, 2010

On This Dino-amaore-day 2010

Hey pallies, likes Dino-amore-day 2010 has this dude one of the three most important days that comes 'round each and every Dino-year...the other two bein' the day of our Dino's birth (June 7th) and the date of our Dino's departure (December 25th).

I coulda go on and on 'bout what our Dino means to me and the love and respect that I have for our great man....but today, I thinks the tagg of this humble little Dino-blog simply sez it best......ILOVEDINOMARTIN!

So, on the day of Dino-amore, I simply share with you a fav Dino-collage (above) and a couple of my fav Dino-clips......our Dino's only MTV music vid of "Since I Met You, Baby" directed by his boypallie Ricci, and probably my fav of favs Dino-tunes, "Welcome To My World."

Since I met our Dino, life has never been the same....just gets cooler and cooler and I loves our Dino more and more each and every Dino-moment. And, bein' welcomed into our Dino's world means everythin' to his totally sold-out Dino-holic!!!!

So on this Dino-amore-day 2010, I again simply state ilovedinomartin!!!!! Dino-amorin', DMP


sanniek47 said...

Was this video in 1983? If so, Dean was 66. He looks great and sounds good too. And I really like the funky style as directed by his boy-pal Ricci.

Happy Valentine's Day to you, DMP. Keep bringing the Dino love.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, thought it was '82, but it may very well have been '83.....I believe that it was in our Dino's boypallie Ricci's Dino-bio that the youngest of the Martin boys tells how pleased our Dino was with Ricci's ability to make our Dino looks 10 years younger then he was...our lovin' Dino broadcastin' over how cool is that.....and to be sure Miss Sannie, will keep the Dino-light glowin' Dino-bright here at ilovedinomartin....thanks for showin' much Dino-love.....