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One of my favorite Spy film series......Matt Helm

Hey pallies, it's day duo of Dino-amore-month and we're back with some more Dino-patter on our Dino as Matt Helm. So delighted to share with you the thoughts of 'nother Helmer, Mr. George Solana, who at his blog, "Cinema Vortex," features our Dino in "The Silencers."

When I left him some patter at his pad (clicks on tag of this post to goes there) I 'fessed up that "Murders' Row" is my fav of the Helm capers and thus Miss Ann-Margret is my fav of the Dino-chicks. "The Silencers" is my second fav of the quartet and Miss Stella is down my list of our Dino's leadin' Helm lovlies. But, whatever the Helm caper no one has done a more perfect job of playin' the amorin' spyster then our Dino.

Thanks to Mr. Solana for liftin' up the name of our Dino and sharin' his Dino-devotion to the Matt Helm adventures. So, keeps lovin' our Dino and keeps lookin' for more Dino-lovin' here at ilovedinomartin durin' our celebratin' of this month featurin' Dino-amorin'! Dino-enthralled, DMP

Matt Helm

One of my favorite Spy film series was the Matt Helm films starring Dean Martin. They made 4 of them and a 5th was planned until Dean pulled the plug on it. Here's a few (ok 5, seems i can only post 5 pics to a post) of the first and best Matt Helm film, The Silencers. A wonderful tongue in cheek script and a great cast and i think Stella Stevens was the best Helm girl.

The Silencers (1966)
Directed by Phil Karlson
Based on the novel by Donald Hamilton
Screenplay Oscar Saul
Starring :
Dean Martin
Stella Stevens
Daliah Lavi
James Gregory
Victor Buono
Nancy Kovack
Robert Webber
Arthur O'Connell
Roger C Carmel

Released February 1966

Columbia Studios

102 mins.

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Drake said...

Thanks for the mention!
I'll do my part to keep Dino alive with his films and more Helm caps coming soon!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, you are most welcome...just part of true Dino-palliedom.... likes thanks for droppin' some Dino-patter...and always appreciate those that lift up the name of our Dino and helps spread the Dino-message...will so be lookin' forward to more Helmin' from 'nother Helmer....

Maria Jensen said...

Always good to see Dino devoted bloggers :)

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, Dino-girl likes you speaketh likes the Dino-truth....