Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dino-show goin' back in the vaults?

Hey pallies, just was checkin' out the official Dean Martin Variety Hour pad from distributor Gunty-Renker yesterday when I discovered that they musta very recently put on a brief infomercial 'bout the 29 volume Dino-collection. As I viewed the vid I was startled to hear that....

"This may be your very last chance to own this classic best selling dvd collection because the Dean Martin Variety Show is going back into the vaults. That means this offer may be gone for years. Not available anywhere. Not in stores or on tv."

Pallies, this sounds like a scare tactic to me...'specially since they use the word "may" twice....sounds likes they are tryin' to get all us lovers of Dino to pony up our bread asap so we will miss out on the Dino-action. But, likes we all knows that they are lots of sources for the Dino-show besides Gunty-Renker....although I certainly always desire to honor our Dino by gettin' his merchandise from the offical distributers. So, we'll just have to see if what they threaten will come true.

So grateful for all the Dino-devoted pallies who keep postin; more and more Dino-clips over at youtube....the powers that be may try and bury the Dino-show in the "vaults'...but Dino-holics will stay united in the Dino-cause of spreadin' the Dino-message. Speakin' of youtube Dino-clips, here's our Dino singin' "Somewhere There's A Someone For Everyone" from the Dino-show. Chose this one 'cause for all us Dino-philes, truly our Dino is the "someone for me."

To view the Dino-merical spoken of here, just click on the tagg of this Dino-post to goes to the offical Dean Martin Variety Show pad. And, pallies, lets me know what you think of this latest Dino-development. Dino-ponderin', DMP


Ralph Baker said...

Hello, Mr. Peters! I hope that this announcement is just a ruse. Perhaps Guthy-Renker is figuring to raise the price of the Dean Martin Variety DVD set, and they want more sales before the price-up.

But if G-R DOES withdraw the set, it'll be mighty sad news to all who haven't chanced a purchase. Our Dino MUST stay out in the open!

The complete shows on videotape are stuck in the vaults. What are the owners waiting for?...for the human race to disappear? Dean Martin & Co. wouldn't like THAT!

Thanks from pallie Ralph!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, 'cause of your particular Dino-passion of gettin' the full episodes of the Dino-show into the hands of all Dino-devotees, I just knew you woulda want to know 'bout this Dino-development....but as I sez, there are others sellin' these Dino-compilations although not authorized, and the Dino-faithful will always be able to turn to youtube to gets their Dino-fixes...thanks for sharin' your Dino-thoughts....