Monday, February 22, 2010

"I'm The New Dean Mar-tin"

Hey pallies, likes here is more from Dino-idolizer rapper Reason. From this cool blog "The Cool Graduate' (clicks on tagg of this post to goes there) comes the amazin' music vid of his song "Life Of A Star."
As I watched and listened I was enthralled to hear these lyrics....
"When I'm in the club, they'll stop when I walk in. I'm the new Dean Mar-tin, toastin' the "A" with the champagne poppin'."

How totally rad to find this youthful entertainer referin' to himself as the new Dean Martin! Thinks of how many of today's neaveau hipsters that Mr. Reason will help to come to true Dino-devotion! In our month of Dino-amore, this is just so thrillin' to hear Reason puttin' the accent on Dino. To know the profound influence that our Dino has had on this very talented dude is just just so stellar!

Sits backs and enjoy a dude who knows who's got the action...our one and only DINO!!!
Dino-psyched, DMP

Reason-"Life of a Star" feat. Raz (Music Video)

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