Friday, September 25, 2009

The Silencers (1966) Film Review - Cinecon 45 Screening

Hey pallies, here's a cool and swingin' review of our Dino as Matt Helm in "The Silencers" from a big screen screenin' at Cinecon 45 (clicks on tagg of this Dinogram to read this in it's original format.) This chick Ms Janet who has written this very favorable Dinoreview seems to have gotten really turned on to our Dino and likes how cool is that.

Oh, so recently shared 'bout the bigg screen viewin' of Kiss Me Stupid" in Austin, Texas and now this one...thinks this was in Cali, but will try to get more Dinoinfo for us pallie. All I can say is that I hopes there will be tons more of bringin' our Dino back to the bigg screen so that more and more dudes can celebrate our Dino's life, times, and amazin' messages! BTW, Ms Janet seemed to like the openin' scene of our Dino and Miss Lovey cleanin' up in the have includin' one of my fav Dinopixs from that Dinoseg... Dinodevotedly, DMP

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Silencers (1966) Film Review - Cinecon 45 Screening

Plot Summary - Swinging 60s spy comedy. Suave secret agent Matt Helm (Dean Martin) is called away from his 60s bachelor pad by his company ICE to get on the job chasing after some sort of crime organization, the gist of what they are up to escapes me at the moment. On his travels on this job, he - well, basically hooks up with curvaceous women - first a tall bombshell, then a kooky redhead (no, not Lucy) he meets poolside - she's a curvy klutz named Gail (Stella Stevens). Then there's also that dancing stripper (Cyd Charisse) who gets shot while performing onstage. While dying, she slips something to Gail - then Matt and Gail end up on a road trip together; she denies she's a secret agent for the other side but Matt and his bureau think she is. Helm is given a couple of cool, spy weapons by his agency to help him out when he comes against the bad guys - a backwards shooting gun and jacket with hand grenade buttons. This all comes in handy in the action-packed finale.

Review - Spy films are one of my least favorite film genres, so wasn't sure how I would like this one - but it turned out to be a lot of full color, widescreen fun! The film spoofs spy films like James Bond and includes action combined with comedy, plus lots of scantily clad, gorgeous women, sixties music, and Dean Martin driving along, his thoughts brought to life via smooth Dean Martin vocals. Cyd Charisse opens the film performing a striptease to the title theme song. I loved all the devices and mod sixties gadgets that fill out his "love nest" - a round, rotating bed that at the push of a button rolls across the floor, tilts up, and sends prone Matt Helm rolling into a giant lather-filled bathtub where dwells his "secretary", Lovey Kravezit - when he asks her to hand him the soap it contains a bottle of liquor. He also has a full bar set up in his car! I think seeing this on the big screen, at Cinecon 45, really helped this seem better, made it more "larger than life" which seemed to work for this film (it also seemed like the males in the audience were really appreciating all the sexy women in this) - don't know how I would feel about this one on a TV screen. Stella Stevens appeared in person at this screening. Review - 7.5 to 8/10 stars
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